5 Ways Technology Is Used in Selling Real Estate

Successful real estate brokers and agents know that the key to building their business is in reaching the right buyers and sellers. Online real estate marketing specialists say despite the prevalence of technology many agencies underutilize commonly available tools and techniques to make their agency and its listings more visible. Here are just five of the ways in which technology can be used to effectively market your real estate brokerage and your listings.

  1. Social Selling for Brand Development and Increased Closings:

In the old days, selling was all about newspaper ads, walk-ins, and referrals. But what many brokers and agents don’t realize is that each of these proven strategies has acounterpart in the internet world and its name is social media.  While most agencies have a presence on Facebook or Instagram, they are often underutilized, misused or just plain ignored. An active social media strategy that includes elements of paid advertising, should be a part of every agency strategy in the new digital economy. This strategy should create credibility and visibility for the brokerage, as well as socialize key properties for increased local reach and online word of mouth.

2.  Virtual tours:

While not a replacement for a face-to-face meeting, virtual tours have become a staple in the real estate industry. However, their full potential has only recently been realized by brokerages looking to grow. They don’t require high-tech equipment – in fact, your staff can film it on a smartphone or tablet with ease – and they can be posted on social networking sites like Facebook and Instagram as well as your website, reaching your brokerage’s followers as well as their friends and connections with ease. This is not only great content for your brokerage’s social media followers, it helps build your company brand, promote feedback and advertise properties as well.

 3. Mobile apps:

While websites are incredibly popular with property buyers and sellers, mobile apps allow your brokerage’s real estate agents to interact with clients on the go through a simple, user-friendly format. It’s a vital tool for planning a route for visiting the show houses, conveniently looking up the details of a property, finding directions to a property and getting the details of the agent in charge of it. In this way, mobile apps work for brokerages by directly linking potential clients with your listings and agents wherever they are, making your brokerage and your real estate agents more accessible to potential clients and leads.

4. Real-time lead and contact management:

The Internet allows us to instantly connect brokers, real estate agents, and clients, whether in the office or out in the field. A real estate CRM system designed specifically to meet the needs of the real estate industry provides your agents with the ideal online space to track and manage leads via smartphone or mobile device.

A good lead program can be invaluable in driving new business to your agents and your brokerage. They key ingredients to a good leads program is that perfect combination of high-quality leads, coupled with quick response time to capture them. The ability for those captured leads to then feed right into your CRM—a bonus! Agents can then save client notes and emails automatically, helping increase their productivity and sales results.

5. Knowledge Sharing:

For many buyers, the home buying process is a confusing one. However, your brokerage can turn this to an advantage by sharing information with sellers and buyers to build loyalty to your business and brand. Online home loan applications and queries help demonstrate the affordability of the property. Digital signature technology allows buyers and other parties to quickly and easily deliver, sign and return important documentation – all of which can be stored and processed online. The buying process can also be monitored online, showing the clients a timeline of the different stages of the buying process and where they are in relation to it. It helps them to track their property purchase and plan their move. Is there a specific tool to do this or is this something the blog is suggesting the brokerage/agents use email and other tools to do on their own? This not only makes your business more visible than your competitor’s, it directly increases efficiency and productivity, making the sales process smoother and faster than before.

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