Affiliation: Is There Really Value In Joining Forces?

The short answer is “yes”. The longer answer might be finding the right match. If you were motivated enough to get your broker’s license and start your own agency, then you probably know your way around your local market and the competition in the area. You were probably an above average earner as an agent, but decided you wanted the added reward of running your own business. You achieved your goal, but you also inherited lots of other added responsibilities from doctoring deals to making sure the trash is emptied at night. If you ever wished you had some support to get ahead of it all, you are not alone. In this day and age, where technology and marketing changes at the speed of light, it can be difficult to keep up. This is where affiliating and joining forces with a company who has already figured out systems that work and has the resources to keep up can help your brokerage go from surviving to thriving.

Here are three ways affiliating can bolster your business:

  • Greater Sustainability: The 2008 financial crisis was a terrible time for the real estate industry. The housing market was no longer the backbone of economic growth and investment opportunities and its failure created what many feel was a lost decade in the industry from which we are still recovering. For many brokers, the market remains volatile and inventory is now a constant challenge. In the aftermath of this period, many brokers from both groups struggled or went out of business. Weichert Franchisees on the other hand largely survived and even grew during this period.  See this video from franchisee Mark Thomas as he discusses the Weichert tools and philosophy that helped him weather the crash of 2008.
  • Better Time Management:  Successful real estate brokers are generally experts at the sales process who are driven to grow the size of their business.  Running a brokerage is a massive drain on resources, money and time, and many brokers find themselves bogged down as a key producer for the brokerage, leaving little time to spend on actually growing their company. If you are an independent brokerage owner, it starts and ends with you – from recruiting agents and running marketing campaigns to managing payroll and even sitting in open houses. With no partner to share the load, you may find it impossible to get out in front of the day-to-day demands of listing and selling in order to actually move the business forward strategically. Franchising relationships can provide needed support and direction, freeing up time and resources that can be better spent on making your business a success.
  • Stronger Local Identity: Many business owners fear they will lose their identity by affiliating, but this does not have to be the case. With the right partner, not only can your brokerage continue to be a reflection of you, but that identity can grow stronger because you gain so much more. You are able to offer more to your clients and more to your agents, which amplifies the brand presence you’ve already built in your market. It’s not a matter of partnering with a real estate franchise – it’s about partnering with the best real estate franchise for your brokerage.

Why Affiliate with a Real Estate Franchise? Considerations for Real Estate Brokers

In considering a real estate franchise partner, many things are important. Do I want to continue in my current business model? Am I determined to figure out my growth and marketing issues on my own? Do I believe a partnership with a recognizable national real estate brand can help me? And last, but not least, with so many options out there, who can give me the guidance I need without compromising what I’ve built and my ability to make decisions for my business? If you’ve ever asked yourself any of these questions, then perhaps you should be talking to Weichert. Contact us today at