How To Apply Today’s Technology To Your Real Estate Business

Technology is revolutionizing every industry it touches, and real estate is no exception. With clients that are more mobile, more connected and busier than ever, brokers are taking advantage of these changes to grow, improve client service and make their mark in the industry. Find out more with these insights from Weichert, the specialists in real estate broker marketing.

5 Ways Technology is Impacting the Real Estate Industry

  1. Technology for lead generation: The future of lead generation is the Internet, but key to transforming these leads into sales is the use of streamlined systems that gather vast amounts of information, disseminate it and transfer it to the relevant individuals as rapidly as possible., for example, receives over 40 million visitors nationally per year* and thousands of online and phone inquiries per day. Thanks to our state-of-the-art system, these inquiries are followed up, sorted and passed on to qualified, affiliated agents across the country within minutes.
  2. Online real estate marketing: Marketing your real estate brokerage online is a totally different ballgame than traditional print marketing, and without a proper understanding, it’s no surprise that some brokerages are missing out on this growth opportunity. With the right strategy and tools to make you efficient in doing it, brokers are able to reach more clients more often and more effectively through websites, social media and more.
  3. Mobile, mobile, mobile: Mobile technology is so advanced that brokers can maximize the time their agents spend out of the office – and that means maximizing the potential for growing your brokerage. Smartphones and tablets allow agents to take high quality photographs, develop virtual tours and interact online with clients exactly when they need to. From live Q&As about neighborhoods with new listings on Facebook to responding to emails and queries as they come in, agents are more responsive and more mobile than ever before.
  4. Real estate CRM systems: Customer relationship management systems like Weichert®PRO are industry-targeted to meet the exact needs of brokers, agents and their clients. These systems are user friendly and allow brokerages to develop an exceptional level of client service by ensuring that information is logged effectively and all queries are followed up on, so no lead gets left behind. Keeping in touch and on top of your agents allows brokers to effectively manage sales activities, save time and spend more time building their business.
  5. More face time: While some agents are finding that technology is getting in the way of real, face-to-face meetings with clients, it’s also true that with a slight pivot in sales technique and customer service, you can get more face time with a client than ever before. From Skype to FaceTime and Facebook calling, video calling is becoming a far more acceptable alternative to try when a client’s busy schedule makes it difficult to schedule in-person meetings.

How Do I Keep Up With All This Real Estate Technology?

Good Question!

At Weichert, we know that effective use of technology and digital tools is key to the growth of your real estate brokerage. Through the development of our unique franchise system, our industry-specialized online tools, real estate CRM system and expert real estate coaching, we empower affiliated agents and brokers to maximize the sales, customer service and lead generation potential that technology offers.

If you would like to find out more about the Weichert Franchise System or what we can offer you as a broker, please contact us today.