Blogging: Why Brokers Should Jump on The Bandwagon

Blogging – It’s something that it seems like everyone does now. You’ve probably already heard that you should be doing it and maybe you even have a twinge of guilt that you’re not or not doing it enough.

So, what is it all about? And how exactly does it help you market your brokerage?

What is Blogging?

Simply put, this is publishing a series of short articles on a website. It’s a bit like an online chronicle of interesting subject matter or stories related to real estate in general. You can publish images and video along with your stories too and they can be viewed by anyone on the internet. While it’s often used by people sharing their hobbies and interests, the fact is that blogging is one of the best, low-cost marketing tools available for promoting the visibility of a brokerage in their local market.

Why Blogging is One of the Best Online Real Estate Marketing Strategies

When you do it right, or even mostly right, the regular production of content on your website can produce additional visibility for your brokerage. And with over 90% of homeowners looking online for information during their home search, the right blog content can help get you in front of clients. With a good blog, you’re also able to:

  • Attract A Younger Generation Home Buyers And Sellers: Think about how millennials and first time home buyers will search when looking for a home, like “Tips for first time home buyers” or “Schools and amenities in Fort Worth area” or even “Eco-friendly homes in Tampa Bay”. Search engines will present your blog if it aligns with phrases commonly searched, increasing the visibility of your brokerage.
  • Give Your Blog Content Multiple Lives: By syndicating (distributing) your blog on your website with comments enabled, off your website, and excerpting it on various social media channels, you can often get readers to engage with the content. Engagement should always be responded to and these interactions can form the basis of a lead funnel.
  • Blogs Can Feed Your Email Campaigns: Your blog can be the source of content for an email campaign, effectively killing two birds with one stone. Using an email campaign, you can forward your blogs to a wider audience driving them back to your website. This helps keep your brokerage at the forefront of the minds of potential clients.
  • Increase Your Authority: Well written blogs will convey to consumers that you are an expert in your field and involved with all aspects of the buying and selling process. That’s good for your brand and can help differentiate your brokerage in a crowded local market. It also helps break the ice making potential clients more comfortable dealing with you because they feel they know you through your writing.

Blogging Is A Key Part Of Online Real Estate Marketing

Some people hate to write, some people love it. To begin blogging you don’t have to take this on yourself.  You can find an associate on your team who loves writing. Or have it be a round robin responsibility within the brokerage. However you do it, it is important to establish a plan and do it consistently to reap the benefits of real estate blogging. What should you write about? Anything a consumer might find valuable, whether it’s a real estate topic or simply tips and advice for homeowners.

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