Differentiate Your Brokerage—And Help Your Agents Stand Out

One of the best things you can do for your agents is help make their job easier. The more your brokerage is able to offer them, the more valuable they will be in the eyes of their clients and the more valuable you’ll be to your agents. That’s great for business and great for agent retention. But where should you start?

Brokerage Differentiation 101

There is clearly a wide variation in the quality of service provided across our industry. As an independent broker, being able to offer a unique set of capabilities, track record of success, or partner relationships will help set you apart in your market. Even if these capabilities are not exclusive to you, presenting them in the right way to potential buyers or sellers, makes all the difference in how your agents and your brand are perceived.

Consider the following:

  1. What marketing support do your agents provide to sellers beyond just the MLS? Do they hold open houses? Do they have the means for attracting online buyers? Do advertise or use professional looking direct mail?
  2. Can you cite any reasonably objective metrics that show you to be #1 in your market in some way? Average time from list to close? Production track record?
  3. How strong is your listing presentation? It’s perhaps the single most important sales tool you will create and present. Consider the impression left by an agent who shows up with a loosely organized presentation all about them and some printed comps stapled together vs. an agent who comes with a bound, professionally designed presentation. A presentation focused on the seller’s home complete with marketing plan of everything they plan to do to sell the property, plus a full pricing analysis that they can knowledgeably speak to. Who would you list with?
  4. What partnerships do you have? Mortgage? Moving services? Staging & photographers? Handymen to help with repairs to get the home in sales shape? How comprehensive is your service offering compared to the next guy?
  5. What is the role of technology in your brokerage? Your ability to tout a tech savvy marketing plan and refer to advanced systems used in your brokerage creates the cutting edge, energetic impression that will wow both buyers and sellers.

Making It All Happen

Part of differentiating your brokerage is having a proven and effective system and plan in place that your agents can plug into and follow. This can take a lot of trial and error to get just right and it constantly needs to be updated and adapt with the times. At Weichert, we know what it takes to run a successful brokerage. We run one ourselves. We already have the systems and tools and make them available to our affiliates.  They in turn, can offer it to their agents. And we are constantly fine tuning and utilizing new techniques. One example is our Listing Presentation. Professionally designed and easily customized through our Digital Platform, the agent can bind it or present it on a laptop. It puts the focus on the seller’s property and makes a great impression. Even newer agents with little experience look great and feel confident using it in their presentations to sellers.

Want to offer your agents more?  From proven systems, to real estate brokerage coaching to effective marketing tools, Weichert has so much to offer to complement your existing business and help you differentiate your brokerage. To learn more about the advantages of becoming a Weichert Affiliate, contact 877-746-2067 or go to www.weichertfranchise.com .