The Importance of Video in Email and Social Media Communications

You may have heard about the growing importance of video in marketing and social media these days. If you haven’t hopped on the bandwagon yet, it’s not too late to incorporate it into your marketing strategy for your brokerage or your agents.   Here are a few ideas to help you use these marketing tools more effectively.

  • Community videos: These are videos that work at the broadest level of the sales funnel, where potential buyers are researching different towns and cities to understand what their best options are. According to the 2013 Google/NAR study, “The Digital House Hunt”, over 86% of homebuyers choose video as the best way to research new communities they may want to relocate to. Posting different videos about the areas in which your brokerage operates and sharing them over email and social media is a highly effective way of marketing your brokerage. Think about seasonal events in your area, schools, colleges, parks and other amenities that your buyers will be attracted to. This is known as evergreen content because it can be reused repeatedly in different formats, making it a great investment for your local business and a great real estate agent marketing tool.
  • Listing videos: These form the second part of the sales funnel, where homebuyers have picked a community they like and now want to see what is available for their money in the area. In fact, 70% of homebuyers actively search for and use video to tour homes, This type of content can be effective in promoting open houses and can be linked from emails and over social media to attract potential buyers to market listings.
  • Real Estate 101 videos: Being successful in this market is all about standing out and offering value to your clients. Real estate can be a confusing and scary territory for lots of people. However, recording videos on basic real estate topics or that answer common questions can help potential clients get to know you, as well help position you as a knowledgeable, helpful resource that they’ll want to do business with.

Still Not Convinced? Take a Look at These Statistics

Video has a strong impact on retail sales and conversion numbers, but does this really apply to real estate? In one word: Yes. Recent surveys by Google and the National Association of Realtors have shown that in the USA:

  • 85% of buyers and sellers want to work with brokerages and real estate agents that use video marketing.
  • According to a study by, videos in real estate marketing emails double the click-through rate (viewers who click on links to then browse your advertised content, listings, etc.) while reducing the opt-out rate by 75% (viewers who would unsubscribe from your marketing emails).
  • Inquiries on listed homes marketed using video content is up to 4 times higher than on homes that do not have video content.
  • Videos offer a chance to communicate with far more intensity over a much shorter amount of time. One minute of video is the opportunity for 1.8 million words, and that’s without the impact of visual imagery to accompany it. In fact, this is such an effective communication tool that the Online Publishers Association reports that 80% of viewers remember what they see in online videos, which is much higher than in text-and-image-only formats.

And yet only 15% of real estate agents are actively using video to market listings!

Video is just one of the many real estate agent marketing tools out there. It can be tough to keep up with the best tools and techniques and how to use them. You can easily spend a lot of time chasing down and researching this for your brokerage and your agents. When you join a franchise like Weichert, you benefit from our team’s broad-reaching resources and knowledge as well the guidance, coaching, access to training and vendors who can help. That means more time for you to spend growing your business.

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