Real Estate CRM’s – A Must Have Tool For Your Brokerage

The leads generated for your company and your agents are one of your most valuable assets. Anytime a prospect moves on to another brokerage or doesn’t close because your agents did not actively nurture them and convert them to clients, you are losing potential revenue that could have come into your brokerage and your team. A real estate Customer Relationship Management tool (CRM) is designed to help solve this problem. The best real estate CRM tools provide sophisticated contact management and automated communication. These systems help experienced agents manage their past clients and referrals and help new agents who are cultivating prospects and trying to grow their business. There are a lot of real estate CRM’s to choose from. You need a powerful system that is user-friendly and will help your agents advance your business.

Benefits of Real Estate CRMs

The ideal CRM saves time and functions as an automated personal assistant. It should provide agents with notifications from clients and prospects along with reminders, calendar alerts, and insightful data about clients all in one easy-to-use platform. Agents should also be able to tell if there are any buyers seeking information and take steps to ensure they receive that information in a timely fashion. It must be complex enough to manage all the nuances of real estate sales and marketing, but do so in a way that simplifies the agent’s workday.

Better CRMs will also have a comprehensive system for managing the contacts made at open houses. Beyond just contact information, these systems will contain fields for searchable notes, scoring of lead potential and urgency, and be able to use leads to create scaled marketing campaigns. These systems keep agents front of mind and work to show prospects your listings to keep their pipeline filled, while they focus on closing the deals at hand.

Other important features of modern Real Estate CRMs include:

  • Full Mobile Access: Real estate agents are frequently on-the-go and need the ability to access their contacts, calendars, and clients at all hours of the day. Real estate CRMs with integrated mobile functionality help your agents maintain a healthy work-life balance by keeping them connected while they are away from the office. It provides peace of mind to know they are not missing any vital communications.
  • Automated email marketing: New and experienced agents can create impressive email campaigns in just a few minutes, regardless of their level of technical skill. The best real estate CRMs include branded templates for holiday greetings, special promotions or allow agents to create their own templates.
  • Increased conversions of prospects to clients: Converting prospects into clients is a skill that agents do not develop overnight. Even the best agents are always working on improving their conversion rates. CRMs can dramatically increase the number of clients for each agent through improved contact management.
  • Integration With Your Lead Sources: Having a CRM that integrates into your lead generation system and supports your workflow makes it even more powerful. For instance, WeichertPro, the tool used by Weichert Franchisees, is fully integrated into its national lead generation system. When a lead is assigned, it goes directly into the agent’s profile, preventing the need for manual data entry or assignment of initial lead data.

Final Thoughts on Using a Good CRM in Your Brokerage

Sometimes the most valuable clients start as just an email address of someone seeking more information. Every contact can be valuable and it is not always clear initially which are serious buyers and which leads are going nowhere. An effective CRM allows agents to view all prospect data and easily identify the stage of the buying process for each person. It prevents enthusiastic agents from burning themselves out chasing dead ends and provides both agents and their brokers with insights that can help them close more sales.  If you and your agents are not already using one, take a look at the many options available and see what’s right for your business. At Weichert, we were fortunate enough to be able to invest in our own CRM technology to ensure it had all the functionality we needed and support our real estate business model.

Long-term success in real estate requires constant improvement. If you’re looking for solutions to build your business, partnering with Weichert with all its resources may be what you need. We provide proven systems, expert advice, and coaching that benefit you, your agents and your brokerage. Contact  today for more information.