Real Estate Marketing – Get Your Agency Online and Growing

Marketing to today’s homebuyers and building a business is one of the toughest challenges facing today’s real estate sales teams. Not only are homebuyers faced with more housing options than ever before and a tough economic climate, they’ve also changed the way they search for, evaluate and purchase products and services. Flyers and print advertisements are decreasing in effectiveness, while online activity continues to increase. In this digital-first reality, the success of your real estate business comes down to one essential factor – is your agency’s online marketing up to the challenge? Here’s some insight into effective online real estate marketing.

Know Where Your Real Estate Agency’s Online Marketing Weaknesses Are 

Not having an online marketing strategy means missing out on sales – it’s just that simple. Many agencies find this to be a difficult pill to swallow, but if you’re struggling to connect meaningfully with potential new clients, having a strong and attractive online presence is key to correcting it.

Common weaknesses in online marketing strategies may include:

  • Having a basic website that is not up to modern design standards, is not up-to-date or is not mobile-friendly.
  • Not having social media pages, or never posting on the pages that have been set up for your business.
  • Not forming a balanced marketing strategy that utilizes and integrates traditional and online marketing media.
  • Managing your online marketing strategy internally through staff with little or no digital marketing expertise.
  • Doing your online marketing when you have spare time, if you have spare time.

Understanding Why Online Marketing Matters 

For a long time, online marketing was treated as a fad that could never replace traditional and print marketing. However, this industry has taken off in a way that has impacted advertising and marketing for almost every business across the country and the globe. This is because it offers the one thing that modern consumers demand – instant accessibility. Being able to see listings as they are loaded over tablets and smartphones, viewing detailed tours of homes and apartments over Facebook and Instagram, being able to contact agents immediately about a listing and get answers to questions – these things are invaluable to today’s market. It also allows consumers to “check you out” before doing business with you and if your online presence is outdated or not up to snuff, you won’t be getting their call.

It is important to realize that feeding the need for instant, accessible and detailed information is a powerful way for growing a business. By developing online marketing expertise and implementing effective campaigns, your agency can tap into the market of today’s homebuyers on a level that they understand and respond to, through tools they are familiar with. Your clients are already on these platforms, so why aren’t you?

Speak to Weichert Experts for The Best Real Estate Marketing Tools, Training and Techniques 

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Developed through decades of experience and expertise, our unique system offers the right combination of one-on-one training and support, industry insight, access to high-value resources, and real estate-specific CRM and marketing tools to access the modern consumer market.

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