Six Ways To Network With Fellow Brokers

Broker Network

Your bustling independent brokerage is a testament to how hard you’ve worked to be known as an expert in your local real estate market. Still, it’s hard to keep up with new real estate laws, tax changes and the ever forward march of technology and digital strategies while running your daily brokerage operations. You can’t expect to know everything. That’s where having a solid support network of other brokers and real estate experts can really help. In fact, a Real Trends study indicates that independent brokers without a network do less in sales than brokerages affiliated with their larger franchised competitors who have broker networks (8.7 percent versus 10 percent or more of total sales transaction volume).

Your Broker Network Helps You Grow

As a broker, connecting with others is an integral part of running a real estate operation. Having a tuned-in network of peers and industry partners to depend on is an invaluable asset when you need to keep up-to-date, seek expert answers, or require help problem solving. You may even find a mentor to help coach you toward better efficiency and a more rewarding, balanced life.

These associations can also increase sales when you show your own knowledge and trustworthiness. Buyers and sellers may be referred to your brokerage and exclusive listings shared for faster sales.

Broker Networking Strategies

Independent brokers all face similar challenges that can be resolved together on national, regional or local levels. Different networking strategies get different results. Try a mix of these four ways to associate with other independent brokers and real estate partners and build your broker network:

  • Use your Active Rain profile (or start one) to ask and respond to questions posted by managing brokers. Read and comment on blogs of other brokers to build rapport or blog to share information you’ve learned.
  • Join groups on LinkedIn, Facebook or other social networking sites or start your own group just for independent brokers. Be active in responding to others, so you’ll get responses to your questions.
  • Attend functions of local real estate, mortgage or other industry-specific groups to associate with influencers and exchange contact information.
  • Attend national trade shows and conferences to meet independent brokers, start discussions and develop relationships.
  • Join a relocation council or group to receive the benefit of relocation leads and referrals.

Overall, broker networking is a challenge for the independent. This is where being part of an established national brand can give you a leg up. The right affiliation allows you to simply plug in and offers a sixth way to build a support network. Weichert affiliate Brokers for instance, enjoy a built-in broker network  that connects them to hundreds of affiliates across the country.  They enjoy regional and national opportunities to meet both virtually and face to face through events like our “Saw Session” workshops, regional Broker Council Meetings, Management Academies and national conferences, not to mention active Facebook discussion groups and advisory meetings. Plus, Weichert Workforce Mobility, our top-rated relocation company, offers affiliates the opportunity to qualify for relocation leads. Because we foster a community of support and sharing, members are very comfortable just even picking up the phone or emailing one-on-one to get advice, share ideas, bounce things around and share referrals. The family-like support that brokers receive as part of the Weichert system is one of the biggest reasons affiliates join us and stay with us.

Get Expert Advice

When you just don’t have the time to be an expert in every part of running your brokerage, having a network of peers and industry experts can be invaluable. But don’t just take our word for it, see what Weichert Affiliate Julie Fugate has to say about having comprehensive support..

Don’t feel like you have to go it alone. You can still run your own business while benefiting from an affiliation with a larger system. Learn more at or call 877-957-9692.