The Broker Conundrum

As a broker running your own agency, you know what it means to wear a lot of hats. And rightly so: the buck stops with you.  Unfortunately for too many brokers, the buck often starts with you, too.

If you were ambitious enough to become a broker and start your own agency, chances are you were a darn good agent. You know how to do a good listing presentation, you’ve got the right personality for sales and you weren’t afraid to work hard. You did well, but you wanted to reach a higher level of success, so you became a broker and started an agency.

But now the landscape is different. A few years in, you know it’s all about having a solid lead funnel and agents that will work as hard as you did to get listings and close sales. But instead, too many of your agents are part timers and you may have even lost some of your best associates to other local agencies. You’re lacking in resources for online marketing for real estate agents and some months it may feel like if you weren’t out there selling your own listings and pounding the pavement for inventory that there just wouldn’t be enough operating capital to keep going.

So you’re out there, being both an agent and a broker, because it really just seems like the only thing to do. It’s a vicious cycle that takes its toll on your work/life balance, not to mention your agents and the overall strategic growth of your agency.  Month after month, year after year you swear you’re going to get ahead of things and finally reach that next level…but somehow it never happens.

As a Franchisor, we’ve heard lots of these types of stories from brokers across the country. The key to overcoming these types of hurdles is having the right systems in place for online real estate marketing, recruiting good agents, managing your business with the right tools and being able to measure your performance. Until you have those basics, the vicious cycle will continue and it will be difficult to take your business to the next level and achieve true growth. As the owner of one of the largest independent brokerages in the country, Weichert lives in the trenches every day and has developed systems and tools to work in today’s industry. Our franchise model is based on those practices and serves as a resource for hundreds of offices across the country.

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