Top 3 Reasons to Invest in a Real Estate Franchise

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There are many reasons why independent brokers chose to hitch their wagon to a real estate franchise after going it alone for years. These reasons are as diverse as the brokers themselves. Some want a better lead funnel. Some need operational support. Some look for a better quality of life with guidance from a partner who is an expert and is vested in their success.

Still there are a few common themes that persist more than the rest. If any of these items have ever crossed your mind, maybe franchising would be a fit for you.

The Power of a Name

Many of the brokers we talk to have a good reputation and are known in their local market. Despite this they are concerned that they are missing leads to companies with more brand power behind them. Whether it’s due to the inherent trust and familiarity that a recognized brand name carries with it or the brand’s ability to invest more heavily in marketing, recruiting materials and advertising. In fact, depending on your location, Google searches favor these national brands putting consumers instantly in touch with big brand competitors right in your local market.

Franchising offers brokers the chance to leverage a national brand in their local market. Almost overnight, they accrue all the brand power and visibility of the franchise brand they affiliate with. They become that recognized, trusted, and stable industry leader. One that has the infrastructure and processes to offer clients the best practices and service in real estate and offer recruits the best training and support around.

Being able to instantly access the strength and reach of a franchise brand can take a load off your shoulders because you’ve leveled the playing field. The brand you now wear only adds to the reputation you’ve already earned in your local market.

 Lead Generation

Many independent brokerages are also looking for a steady source of leads to help bolster their business. It’s important to find a franchisor who invests in lead generation and is structured to provide various sources for leads. Many real estate franchises claim to offer this, but in reality are just speculating that the new sign out front will attract more clients than before. A franchise such as Weichert on the other hand, is an example of a franchisor structured to provide its franchise brokers with access to leads from a variety of sources:

  1. Weichert Lead Network – Online Lead Generation And National Call Center
  2. Broker to Broker Leads – Via Our Internal Network Of Nationwide Brokers
  3. Weichert Referral Associates – Who Can Refer Leads To A Local Brokerage
  4. Weichert Relocation Network – With Clients And Locations Around The Globe

The Weichert Lead Network, positions our national brand in local markets through both digital and traditional mediums, so your agents can get the call when buyers and sellers are looking. Calls are routed to our national call center, screened and transferred to you in under a minute. Our investments in Search Engine Marketing drive over 40 Million visitors to our corporate website every month from all over the country.

When lead generation is a key consideration for a brokerage, it’s important to align with a company that is aggressively investing in their brand like Weichert.

Support and Coaching for Real Estate Brokers

Brokers are also looking for the right tools, marketing support and guidance. Having a blueprint to follow and a coach by your side, is always easier than having to go it alone. The best real estate franchises offer multiple levels of support that are designed to assist their business in a strategic way, allowing them to succeed and grow even through challenging times.

As an example, Weichert offers one-on-one business coaching, as well as a full array of training opportunities, including its Weichert University online courses. Combine that with a full suite of marketing and sales systems and tools, franchisees experience a level of support that simply doesn’t exist when you’re an independent broker.

Discover if a Real Estate Franchise is the Right Fit for your Brokerage

At Weichert, we’re in the business of building real estate success stories by delivering the support, tools, quality leads and brand power that brokerages are looking for. If we sound like the right fit for your business, speak to our representatives today or visit us at