Top Ways to Increase Warm Leads

Real Estate Leads

Three decades ago, potential clients were reached by print advertising, mailings and landline phone calls, or by going door to door. Leads took a lot of time and investment and there was no real way of targeting the people most interested in what you had to offer. While those older methods are still used, technology is leading the way as digital lead generation methods take over in ways that were previously unthought of. In today’s digital world, you can connect with potential clients while they are at home or work, in the gym or anywhere; they are frequently online using both desktop and mobile advertising strategies. While some of these strategies won’t cost you much money, they will all cost you some time, but the payoff can be significant because you are spending money on the people who have the most interest in what you have to offer. Here’s a few strategies for driving warm leads in the digital age.

Free Digital Advertisements

Using these “free” strategies, real estate professionals can cast a wider net for their properties, and your brand.

  1. Craigslist – Craigslist can have a fantastic reach for housing promotion especially at the lower end of the market. Make sure your ad stands out and that you repost regularly at a frequency that reflects the population density of your market. In a busy metro market your ads will disappear in about 5 days, but if you post too frequently you’ll get flagged as a spammer. Also don’t forget that Craigslist has a “services” section where you can create a compelling ad for your brokerage as well.
  2. LinkedIn – If you’re going to focus on using free networking sites to connect with buyers, LinkedIn should probably be in your top three or four. Almost all the top agents work FaceBook, Instagram and Twitter, but many omit LinkedIn as a source of warm lead generation. Here is a great article from LinkedIn Pulse that talks about how to use LinkedIn for real estate lead generation.
  3. Facebook/Instagram – While real estate professionals are almost all heavily posting in Facebook, many neglect simple low-cost paid advertising extensions to Facebook that will greatly increase the reach of your listing. Every broker and agent should have some monthly budget set aside for targeted Facebook advertising and the boosting of posts about your listings. A couple hundred dollars a month is enough to get started, but large brokerages in urban areas will often spend thousands promoting their brand and their listings to remain competitive.

Paid Real Estate Advertising -Pay Per Click and Remarketing

While these are both paid strategies, they are really central to real estate marketing operations in the modern brokerage. Google AdWords, while widely used, has become quite expensive and so the addition of remarketing can have the effect of delivering you a lower cost per lead, and more leads that are really “warm”.  These strategies will drive interested parties to your website where they can use the MLS search to further locate homes.  Once they are doing this you have a good chance that it will be your team that gets the call when they see something they like.

If they don’t contact you on their first visit to your website, remarketing will ensure that they are reminded of their interest in your listing as they travel around the Internet.  Only people who have visited your website at least once will see these ads and since they’ve already shown an interest, the chances are much higher that they will contact you the second time around.  In Google, the cost of remarketing clicks is usually much less than AdWords clicks and so this has the effect of driving down your overall cost per warm lead.

Winning the Warm Lead Game

More than most people, real estate agents understand that you have to kiss a lot of frogs to meet a prince. Having an active lead funnel is key to that and your leads have to come from as many sources as you have time and resources to cultivate. It’s one of the reasons why a brand like Weichert invests so much money in lead generation and a call center that scrubs those leads even further to only pass the most qualified ones on to the agent. Not only does this take some of the financial burden of advertising off the broker’s shoulders, but the complexities of modern digital advertising are handled by experts to your benefit and the leads your agents receive are only the most likely to lead to a transaction. You can read more about our lead network operations at or by calling the Weichert Franchise Team today at 877-567-3350