Leverage the Power of Real Estate Team Selling With Weichert

If you’re a broker who wants to tap the power of real estate teams within your agency, we can certainly understand why. The Team trend in real estate continues to grow and with it, sales opportunity. You can embrace teams without losing your company’s identity, but you need to do it the right way.

Weichert is at the forefront of team selling and has been for many years, but our approach is different than that of other real estate brands. The Weichert Coaching and Service teams are hands on, guiding brokers in defining structures and ground rules for team operations that allow them to work effectively within your brokerage.

With Weichert, our focus is on teaching you how to enable broker-friendly real estate teams that can work for your business.

Advantages of the Weichert Real Estate Team Model

  • No loss of brokerage identity through team selling.Real Estate Teams Team Selling
  • Teams bring a consultative approach to selling which includes the broker.
  • Splits are clearly negotiated and understood by everyone up front.
  • Checks and balances come from a properly organized team and staff with clear roles.
  • Clients get better, more attentive service through teams,that improves the reputation of your local Weichert brand.
  • Weichert real estate teams will increase the effective number of people focused on selling and turning inventory in your brokerage.
  • Weichert tools facilitate team selling and tool utilization improves because a team typically has dedicated experts in each area.

At Weichert, We Do Teams Right

At Weichert, we fully embrace the concept of real estate team selling. By allowing teams to flourish inside your brokerage in a structured, yet innovative way, everybody wins.

After all, you’ve already built a successful brokerage. We can help you do more.

Joining Weichert Real Estate Affiliates, Inc. means having support when you need it.
From your Regional Service Team to your Regional Directors Team, they are there to
support you. They are always accessible and want to see you succeed. Plus, you’ll
be connected to a leadership dream team that’s been
making real estate history for decades

When you’re ready to strengthen your business with power that goes beyond just a brand, call us and get to know the people behind the logo.