A Real Estate Franchise Strategy – From Systems to Marketing

Even if you’ve never considered embracing a franchise model for your brokerage, the Weichert real estate franchise model is worth a look.

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When You’re An Independent Broker, It’s ALL About You

You’re not just the broker/owner of a real estate company, you’re the problem solver in chief, HR department, marketing director, advertising manager, technology consultant, CFO, COO and maybe even your own best salesperson.

You want that next level of success, but a person can wear only so many hats. You’re not afraid to work hard but you need a better system to manage your business, your agents, and a lead and listing funnel that keeps everyone busy.

Why Real Estate Franchising With Weichert?

It’s because you actually get something meaningful and impactful for your affiliation that can make a real difference in your business, your financial future,
even your quality of life.

You don’t have to take our word for it either. Listen to the feelings of some of our franchisees as they describe what being a part of the Weichert Family has meant to their business, and in some cases, their very survival in tough times.

Buying a Brand Name vs. Buying a Business Process

As you explore real estate franchise opportunities, consider what’s most important to you. Some of the biggest brands in the marketplace offer franchisees little more than the use of their logo to market your realty.

If you’re looking for a franchise that provides real value — with one of the most powerful entities in real estate today — Weichert® may be the perfect fit. Much more than an iconic brand, Weichert offers our real estate franchisees a comprehensive solution to the problems of growing your agency.

  • SYSTEMS you can implement immediately, covering everything from recruiting, leads and transaction management to staff training and effective local real estate broker marketing plans.
  • Best practices shown to BOOST SALES, such as impactful listing presentations, neighborhood marketing strategies, and weekly recruitment activities.
  • Cutting-edge TECHNOLOGY to assist with everything from lead generation to marketing to cutting edge real estate CRM tools.
  • Personalized support from our corporate LEADERSHIP TEAM down to your local business consultants and the hundreds of other Weichert franchisees in our system.

Unique in the real estate franchise arena, Weichert isn’t for everyone. It’s for driven brokerage owners looking for a different, better way of doing business.

We invite you to LEARN MORE about our distinctive approach to real estate franchise success.

The Weichert System May Be Just What Your Agency Needs to Get To the Next Level Of Results. Find Out Today.