5 Habits Of The Most Successful Brokers

You’re an independent broker who understands the real estate business. You convey confidence and know how to motivate others to be their most productive, but you need to stay fresh and relevant to get ahead of the competition. Set your sights even higher using these five habits for successful brokers adapted from Stephen R. Covey’s The Seven Habits of Highly Effective People.

Habit 1. Create New Opportunities

As a tenacious broker, you get every job done. Being proactive and vigorously pursuing new opportunities is crucial for brokerage growth. Stay persistent and build new business, whether local or outside your area. Tap outside vendors, contractors, investors and builders for sales leads or partner with them for co-marketing opportunities. For instance, contract with a builder to list multiple units in a new condo conversion with your brokerage or maybe get a janitorial service you use to promote your brokerage on their company vehicles. Always remain proactive and in control while searching for new avenues of business and don’t be afraid to create your own opportunities.

Habit 2. Have A Plan

You obviously had goals to get you where you are today, so you understand how goals drive success. Leverage those goals by making them the focus of your daily habits. On a larger scale, use your carefully crafted business plan as a guide toward your continual long- and short-term goals. Factor in flexibility, which is important to making your goals come to fruition. Staying one step ahead by analyzing such things as market fluctuations, economic changes and technological trends and adjusting your plan early on are habits that can make your brokerage thrive no matter what comes your way.

Habit 3. Work With Others

To make your plan come to life, it takes a team. Build a mutually beneficial group of managers and administrators as a support team, as well as a team of agents that can help resolve problems based on legal, ethical and brokerage laws and procedures. They can become a sounding board for each other. Actively listen to and understand your support team and your agents to gain their respect, so they will listen to what you have to say, too. Accomplish more through good relations and outstanding synergy, which is easier than working alone.

Habit 4. Be A Leader

Having trouble letting go of management tasks that eat away at your time and stop you from taking business to the next level? As an independent broker, you’re not alone in letting go. After all, the brokerage is your baby. But can your goals really be achieved when you’re spreading yourself so thin? For optimum success, you need to allow yourself time to use your ingenuity and make your personal vision truly come to life. Step aside–it’s time to be a leader and let your trained support team manage the brokerage’s day to day tasks.

Sometimes being a leader also means reaching out for help for the greater good of your team and for expediency. Having an expert coach or a network of trusted advisors is important. A common theme among experienced independent realtors is that they’ve “seen it all”. And yet when they go through the Weichert training as a new affiliate, a common reaction is “I just didn’t know how much I didn’t know”. A Weichert Affiliate gets lots of coaching and support from our expert team of industry professionals and other peer affiliates nationwide and this can become a priceless asset to growing your brokerage.

Habit 5. Avoid Burnout

If you follow the above four habits, you have created a more sustainable business model. Business is only part of life. Learn to balance your work and personal life to avoid burnout. That means taking time for yourself and your family to recharge your energy and renew your mind. Do things you love, take a vacation, honor family time, go out with friends, work out, practice mindfulness, keep learning and eat healthfully. Pursue community service to give back by donating time or money to a local cause. Schedule business and personal or family time separately to create a model that works for the long-haul and keeps you at your prime.

Success is a Habit

Get the expert coaching you need to actualize these five habits and build on your brokerage success. Learn more about becoming a Weichert Affiliate at weichertfranchise.com or call 877-746-2067.