Real Estate Leads Through The Weichert Lead Generation System

Unique in the industry is a national lead generation system that brings local opportunities to your doorstep

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Advanced Technology Equals Real Estate Lead Generation

In an internet world where competition for leads and listings is a constant challenge, connecting with buyers and sellers at the right time and in the right places is key.  The  use of  online and traditional media sources has evolved and as a broker, you’ll need a leg up to understand and use these tactics effectively.

The Weichert Lead Generation System is a unique and powerful resource. We invest millions of dollars every year to bring advanced lead technology to Weichert offices across the country to help them grow their business.

Weichert invests in, digital marketing and its unique call center to attract active customers and deliver those warm leads to agents who can close them.  These leads come from all over the country and support franchisees  in their local markets, wherever they are.

How Does the Weichert Real Estate Lead Generation System Work? is at the heart of our national presence and our continued growth as a top 5 national real estate brokerage site. As such, we invest millions of dollars to  advertise online, offline, and run our call center to ensure you and your agents will never miss a lead, and will close more of them.

 Consider this:

  • gets “millions” of visitors nationally each year and thousands of online and phone inquiries every day from across the country.
  • These calls and contacts come to our state-of-the-art call center and are pre-screened by specially trained representatives. Qualified leads are then routed to qualified agents within minutes.
  • In an industry where nearly half of all inquiries go unanswered, the response time of the Weichert call center maximizes lead opportunities and is major point of differentiation in customer service.
  • Our call center is open 7 days a week making sure you don’t miss any opportunity.

Other real estate franchise brands offer you little more than their name, but Weichert is a brand built by agents and brokers, for agents and brokers. We know what activities lead to success. An integral part to that success is a buyer/seller lead funnel and marketing engine that keeps your agents busy closing real estate transactions instead of chasing listings.

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