Content Marketing Strategies For Real Estate Brokerages

As an experienced and savvy real estate broker, you already understand that building a powerful web presence for yourself is essential for forming new connections, generating leads, and attracting valuable agents to your brokerage. However, as the web becomes continuously louder, it becomes more challenging to earn organic traffic lead to your brokerage’s website and convert that traffic into leads. As you probably already know, content marketing is touted as one of the most powerful ways of earning and converting that targeted traffic your brokerage requires to continue to grow. To help you better understand the content marketing universe, here are three types of content that have proven results for generating the kind of interest and interaction that makes all your sales efforts, more effective.

Written Content

Written content, such as blog posts, newsletters, market updates, and just listed/sold are the most traditional types of content produced on the internet by real estate professionals. Just because it is common however, doesn’t make it any less effective. The key to being successful with written content is to optimize it to get it on Google’s radar and other search engines, and to make sure that it is written with your target audience’s goals and challenges in mind. By anticipating buyer and seller pain points, your topics will resonate with more people. The more you tailor your content to have both technical and human appeal, the more it will generate both credibility for your local brand, and of course, leads.

Video Content

Video marketing has been viewed as one of the most powerful forms of content marketing for the last decade thanks to the success of platforms like YouTube and Facebook.  Many people find video content easier to consume than written content.  This along with the ease of producing good quality videos on an iPhone today, has led to a boom in video content consumption. Real estate brokers and agents have been using video for years of course, to show house tours and related content online, but this is not the only subject matter you should use. If you already have a blog, simply convert those topics into videos which you can use to grow your presence on YouTube, social media platforms, and your website.

Audio Content

Audio content is now surpassing video content in both results and popularity because people now consider audio even easier to consume than video. In fact, Salesforce reports that in 2017 the average consumer was listening to more than 5 hours of podcasts each week! Therefore, it goes without saying that progressive brokers are making a move towards audio platforms like iTunes and SoundCloud to reach their audience. For those of you that have been creating videos for the last several years, this is great news because many free and inexpensive software programs will allow you to extract the audio portion of your videos and use those files for podcasts.

Another consideration is that companies like Google are transitioning to “voice search” and search results will begin to include more audio-only results especially on mobile devices. As a broker, being ahead of this curve is sure to give you a leg up on the competition. Plus, if you don’t like being on video, this now gives you options!

How Content Marketing Has Proven Itself Valuable

As a real estate broker, you already know the value of earning the trust of the public. In fact, trust is the biggest obstacle for most businesses in any industry. Content marketing allows you to break down those barriers and earn people’s trust passively. An Easy Agent Pro study conducted recently found that 90% of consumers find custom content useful and 78% believe that companies behind content are interested in building good relationships with their customers.

From the beginning, Jim Weichert sought to create and build upon his connections with the members of his community, which continues to this day. That means knowing where your clients spend their time and making sure you are where they are.  It also means interacting with them the way they want to receive information, no matter how that changes over time. These are the types of core beliefs that have grown a single real estate office into one of the largest providers of real estate related services in the country.

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