Need A Lead Magnet? Give Them Something They Want.

Lead Generation

As a broker, you have carefully built your brand through targeted advertising and marketing. You have strategically calculated a marketing plan to funnel quality leads in a variety of markets to your agents to help them close more transactions. Your website, social media presence and other digital marketing is part of your overall plan. But how much time do you spend chasing these leads? The time you have invested should not outweigh the amount of leads generated.

Buyers and Sellers Want More

Today’s market is different than even five years ago. Buyers and sellers want more value out of a brokerage. Specifically, they crave quality information. No longer are buyers and sellers content to sit back and roll with the fact that an agent has years of experience in real estate and has closed a certain of number of sales in their neighborhood. Instead, they want specific information presented to prove that agent’s expertise. More importantly, prospects expect a high value from the material they receive.

Tempt Prospects with A Giveaway

One way to stop chasing listings and build your brokerage into a lead magnet where prospects come to you is through the value of a giveaway, such as a short, easily accessible video, e-book, infographic, quiz, guide, handout, resource or checklist or free home inspection for new listings. Create a giveaway that builds value and tempts prospects to give up their name and contact information to get the free material. The material should be well written and designed and present your brand as an authority to build long-term trust and add monetary value in the eyes of your prospects.

Create A Relationship

The point of the giveaway as a lead magnet is to alter your prospect’s mindset to be predisposed to use your services. The topic of your materials should be clear-cut, easily read in no more than 5 minutes and address a distinct topic that provides specific answers. The prospect should feel a relationship with your brokerage after reading the material that prompts her/him to act.

Know Your End Goal

To decide the topic of your material, you must know the end goal, such as increased revenue or list building. The market segment you are going after is also important. What real estate pain point are you addressing in your giveaway that will turn prospects into hot leads for the desired target market? For instance, luxury sellers may be interested in top-notch staging tips and resources. Speak to the desired pain point and prospects will more readily give up their contact information.

List Building Management

A well-calculated giveaway campaign can bring in hundreds of leads. It does no good to attract leads and build your marketing list if you don’t have a good CRM system to organize your marketing efforts. Is your CRM up to the task? Review your current system to see if it stands up to others on the market for functionality and number of contacts. Now may be the right time to upgrade your CRM system if you’re just not getting the value out of it that you need. Weichert, for instance, offers a CRM system to its affiliates that is directly tied to the best practices and processes we teach for lead generation and follow up. It is integrated into our national lead network and provides efficiencies in lead handling that are unsurpassed in the industry.

Lead Magnetism Doesn’t Happen Overnight.

Brokers know that there is no silver bullet when it comes to generating leads. A variety of tactics executed regularly is what works to improve your lead generation in less time. But it’s hard when you are doing it all on your own. That’s why franchise affiliation is often a great solution for brokerages. By plugging into their resources, you are able to leverage their expertise and marketing materials to be able to compete effectively in all of these ways, including having a CRM to properly manage and close incoming leads.

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