How Taking Your Real Estate Brokerage Online Can Save You Money

Online real estate marketing is a must-have for any brokerage that is focused on growth, success and brand development in 2017– but that’s not all it can do. It is also one of the most cost effective ways for reducing your brokerage’s marketing costs. Here’s how:

  • Affordable marketing:When it comes to marketing your brokerage online, the costs are minimal. In fact, if you already have a good website, you’re more than halfway there. You can manage and produce content for your social media sites with just a bit of time and effort – content that can reach hundreds and thousands of potential buyers each day, routing them to your website and agents. Virtual home tours, Q&A sessions, promoting new listings, and sharing information on locations can all be created to build your brokerage’s brand, get your buyers interested and engaged – and can all be done using a smartphone or a mobile device. This form of marketing is very affordable and effective and a great complement to traditional print marketing.
  • Virtual personal assistant: Real  Estate agent CRM systems are designed to act as a 24-hour personal assistant to each agent and broker. It makes users more efficient, whether it’s working with a buyer/seller or a recruiting prospect. Not only will it log appointments, notify you of queries and develop personalized follow up plans, it can also receive hot incoming leads assigned to your agents to manage. This allows you and your team to automate many day-to-day functions.
  • More Efficient Use of Time: Brokers know that there is only one way to be productive in this industry – and that’s when your real estate agents are not behind a desk. For your brokerage to grow, your real estate agents must be generating and closing sales. So, traveling to and from the office multiple times a day to collect leads or to follow up on administration is not the most productive use of time. Online technology allows real estate agents to take care of administrative tasks, manage their day and stay in touch via  a central intranet system, all from a mobile device or smartphone. This means that they can achieve optimal levels of productivity, helping to increase business in the most effective and efficient manner.

Online Real Estate Marketing Saves Money – And Increases Sales

Simply put, no marketing medium has the reach and affordability of online marketing. Easy to use, practical and with a reach that puts your real estate brokerage in touch with hundreds of potential property buyers, the right online marketing strategy, tools and training can deliver exceptional results for your business.

At Weichert, real estate specialists offer a franchising system developed by brokers and real estate agents, for brokers and real estate agents. It gives our affiliated real estate brokers access to essential resources for growing their business successfully, including expert real estate coaching, our real estate agent-specific CRM system, and industry-specific marketing and management tools.

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