Recruiting The Best Real Estate Agents

Are you struggling to recruit, train and retain agents, all while keeping pace with technology, marketing and hitting your sales targets?

recruiting real estate agentsWe hear you. In fact, we hear this from talented brokers like you every day. From California to Massachusetts to Florida, this is a common challenge that often prevents their company from growing.

Perhaps one of the most difficult transitions for some brokers is removing themselves from day-to-day selling. Being both an owner and a producer is a vicious cycle that keeps you from focusing on more important issues like agent recruiting, marketing, coaching of sales associates, and managing your business. Those are the activities that can lead to true and sustainable business growth.

Having the right recruiting tools and systems allow you to build a solid team and maintain a recruiting pipeline to sustain your business. That means you can stop being the primary producer and focus your time on your business strategy. Having the right agent tools, technology and support are some of the ways to attract the best people to your business.

The Weichert® System is designed to help you with all of that.

Attracting And Retaining Top Real Estate Agents

real estate agent leadsAgent recruitment is essential, yet rarely receives the attention it deserves. Without a recruiting pipeline, it is very difficult to grow your brokerage. Your Weichert® support teams can teach you the right ways to attract agents and keep that pipeline filled.

Once you have them, you need to keep them. Keeping great agents engaged takes sophisticated resources that support and empower their efforts. The Weichert® System offers a full buffet of the best tools, marketing materials and training support so you can offer your agents more.

Here are just some of the ways the Weichert® System helps you with real estate agent recruitment:

  • Lead Generation: The Weichert® Lead Generation System is unmatched in the industry. Agents are eligible to receive high quality leads generated from We invest in over 1 million keywords on major search engines to drive leads to us, which are then screened by our national call center and delivered to qualified agents within minutes.
  • Weichert®PRO our proprietary Real Estate CRM will organize all aspects of an agent’s daily and weekly routine, including contact management, reminders and automated follow up, email marketing, open house management and much more. Plus it integrates directly with leads coming from our call center.
  • “Fast Track” training and live sales training sessions get new agents up to speed quickly and give them the tools and systems to succeed. Systems build confidence and help ordinary agents be extraordinary. This sets the stage for production and long-term success.
  • Weichert® University provides free, 24/7 access to a library of practical, timely techniques, templates, and best practices for rookies and seasoned pros alike.
  • Listing and selling tools, such as our exclusive “Price Trend Analysis,” “Getting to Know You” workbook, DOORS™ listing system and “Buyer Consultation” will help new and experienced associates reach their full potential.
  • Networking opportunities with other top producing agents nationally, regionally and locally at awards ceremonies and other group events.

Recruit Good Real Estate Agents – Grow Your Business

real estate agent recruitmentThe tactics used by the real estate industry for recruitment really haven’t changed much over the years, but the world has. Having the right plan with the right materials and executing it consistently are the keys to building an effective recruiting pipeline. We can show you how.

When you can support that with cutting edge training, technology and support package backed by a powerful national brand name, you can make your agency the kind of modern, profitable brokerage that agents will want to join.

Find out more about Weichert’s approach to real estate agent recruitment.