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Why Millennial Real Estate Agents Will Want to Work With Your Brokerage

Millennials are now the largest portion of our population which means more and more of them are becoming agents, as well as buying or selling real estate. This generation is also now recognized as the most profitable in history. What are Millennial agents looking for? It’s the three T’s: transparency, team, and technology. Read on to learn what it takes to become the go-to real estate brokerage for every aspiring millennial agent in your market.


One thing that Millennials are experts at is identifying a company or business with a negative culture or questionable company values. In general, the vast majority of Gen Y wants to associate with companies that are completely open, honest, and transparent. The more you can demonstrate that you and your brokerage operate with transparency, the more appealing it will be to Gen Y. Start by clearly highlighting and visiting your mission statement, slogan, and company values on your website, inside your offices, and through your social media. It is also very important that you are open and honest about the state of your brokerage. Sharing the good, bad, and ugly, along with your plans for the future is a powerful way of instilling trust and attracting motivated Millennials that hope to both make a living and make a difference.


Another very important priority for Millennials is the culture of your brokerage’s team. Unlike the Boomer generation, Millennials are far more likely to seek greener pastures quickly if the culture support model and management style of your brokerage is not to their liking. They seek to align themselves with people that have high integrity and a moral approach to business, who balance their strengths and weaknesses, and who support their individual goals. They also place a great deal of value in professional development. If you currently hold team meetings, consider inviting prospective agents to attend a few to see first-hand how you interact with your team, educate them, and support them. Show them how you foster collaboration, motivate through leadership and encourage an environment of teamwork.


Finally, it is important to remember that Generation Y grew up surrounded by technology. More than any other generation, they have a steep expectation for tech-savvy tools and resources from their brokerage. Be upfront and forward about sharing all of your high-tech tools available to agents including websites, CRMs, content management systems, social media marketing, lead generation software, etc. The more that you can prove your brokerage will streamline their business, set them apart from the competition, and allow them to work on-the-go, the more Millennial agents you will attract to your team.

Remember the Three T’s

While the three T’s are vital to Millennial agents, they are also important elements for your other agents as well. Weichert embodied the three T’s long before there was a Gen Y. It is part of the core value system that Jim Weichert embraced to build a successful national real estate brand and continues today through the Weichert Family of Companies. We equally coach our affiliate offices to adopt and value the same philosophy. From an unwavering set of core values, people-first philosophy and dedication to providing the best technology and tools available to agents, it’s a winning formula all around.

For more information about how Weichert can bring the three T’s to your real estate brokerage, visit www.weichertfranchise.com.

Undeniable Traits Of A Successful Leader

As a real estate broker, you are no longer directly responsible for leading buyers and sellers through the complexities of real estate transactions. Instead, you are now charged with the responsibility of successfully leading your team of real estate agents to reach their potential. While there are many traits and skills that make up what most would consider a successful leader, there are a few that serve as the cornerstones for every broker. As you strive to become the best leader you can be for your team and your business, focus on the development of these must-have traits.


The greatest leadership wisdom taught in lofty places like Harvard has to do with being authentic. Authentic leaders are said to value input and feedback, are positive, truthful, and open. They build trust and generate enthusiastic support that improves both individual and team performance.

Consider that a career in real estate can feel like a roller coaster, full of ups and downs. For some real estate agents, the downs can lead to doubts in their abilities and fears about their future. As their broker-leader, you can help shoulder those burdens by being an authentic leader who has both empathy for their situation, but whose enthusiasm and positivity helps them stay focused and motivated. Being an authentic leader, also helps creates the authentic culture in your brokerage that will minimize turnover and help improve production.


There is nothing more demoralizing than having those you look up to ignore your strengths and accomplishments. As a leader, it is your job to give recognition to those agents that perform well and showcase exceptional talents. If you hold team meetings, you may want to consider regularly giving out awards or tokens of recognition to worthy individuals. Certainly top performers should be recognized, but there are many things you can recognize people for. In the spirit of being authentic, just make sure they are recognized for real achievements.  If you look hard enough, everyone has something meaningful they have achieved that you can hold up for your team.


Everyone makes mistakes. The difference between an average joe and a successful leader is that a leader is humble and willing to admit their mistakes. This is another attribute of the authentic leader, the willingness to admit mistakes. In fact, as a real estate broker, you have a special opportunity to use your hard earned knowledge to save your agents from wasting their own time, money, and resources in the same ways you may have as an agent. By exercising humility and openly leveraging your mistakes into lessons, your entire team can work smarter and will have deeper respect for you as a leader.


One of the first things you had to learn to do as a broker was to stop selling homes yourself. Now the next part is actually empowering your agents to do the selling and make them as good at it as you were. Don’t be a broker who swoops in and personally fixes everything, whenever a deal hits a rough spot. Instead give your team the training they want, the advice and support they need, and the encouragement to be successful. Agents who feel empowered and supported, and who are not micromanaged, will take more initiative and over time will develop into more productive and motivated sales associates.


If you strive to lead an all-star team, you must lead by example by being accountable for what you say and do. This really means getting back to some basics like saying what you will do, and doing what you say you will. Since the buck stops with you, some things will naturally float up to your level, and when agents see that you will jump in and handle the big challenges, their confidence in your leadership will grow.

Accountability is actually one of the important skills Weichert teaches its brokers through the Weichert Management Academy. The academy, open to Weichert owners, brokers and managers across the country, teaches attendees all the important elements of building a successful team and managing a successful business. In this training the behaviors that constitute accountable leadership at every level are discussed. Being accountable means employees will feel your organization is solid, and that they are both well supported, and empowered to move their business forward.

There’s Always Room To Be A Better Leader

As a real estate agent, you successfully developed your abilities as a salesperson. As a broker, your focus shifted to being an effective leader. If you think you could benefit from leadership coaching and training programs, as well as a collection of production boosting tools and systems for your agents go to weichertfranchise.com or call 877-746-2067.


What It Takes To Get Agents From Good To Great


How_to_become Successful_Agents

Like most real estate brokers, you know how important, yet challenging it can be for real estate agents to reach their full potential. Sometimes even experienced agents get in a rut. Yet everyone knows that the more successful agents are, the happier they’ll be. When agents feel stalled, or unable to reach their earnings goals at one brokerage, you can bet they will eventually seek out a new one. The more you can play a part in getting your good agents to be great, the more loyal they will be to you. The most dangerous thing you can do is nothing. Here are a few practical ways of motivating your good agents to reach greater heights.

Break Bad Habits and Foster Good Ones

Unlike a brand new real estate agent that is still trying to get their feet wet and learn the lay of the land, an experienced and already producing real estate agent is likely to have developed a bad habit or two. Before you can get to work in helping to break these bad habits, you and your agents need to first identify what they are. One easy way to tackle this obstacle is to invite all of your agents to one-on-one meetings or coaching sessions where you can identify areas for improvement and help coach them toward more productive activities. Create contests within your brokerage the encourage the activities you want them to do, such as holding open houses or using the company listing presentation. Provide them with a cheat sheet or calendar of activities, which if followed, has shown to produce clients and listings. However, you do it, keep this coaching a positive experience, by avoiding direct criticism and giving positive feedback on the things they are doing well.

Set Appropriate Goals

One of the most common causes of agents not reaching their full potential is not having set goals. Some agents don’t set goals at all, some set the bar too low, and others set it far too high. Unfortunately, many people simply never learned how to set goals for themselves in a way that will drive them forward. Asking your agents to complete a yearly business plan is a first step. Review each of your agents’ business plans with them to make sure they are challenging, yet attainable. It will also help ensure they are aligned with your own goals for growth. An annual team-wide workshop or webinar is a time-efficient way of educating your agents on how to set appropriate goals. Then follow up with one-on-one meetings with genuine offers to help any way you can.

Establish Accountability

Setting appropriate goals to strive for is one thing, but taking the steps to achieve them is the real challenge. A proven way of increasing an agent’s goal success rate is an accountability partner. An accountability partner is someone that your agent will trust, share their goals with, and look to for steady motivation to meet the goals that they have set for themselves. These relationships work best when both partners lean on one another for such support and feel a sense of responsibility to one another, more than just themselves. Research shows that the fear of letting someone else down for failing to complete a task or goal can be one of the most powerful motivators of all.

Encourage your agents to find an accountability partner within the team or a mentor that they are comfortable with and trust. Then do everything you can to make sure they are successful in reaching their goals.

Your Role As Real Estate Broker & Coach

Ultimately, your role as a broker is to be your agents’ biggest cheerleader. Don’t underestimate the value of encouraging them, empowering them with the resources they need to reach their goals and rewarding them for their achievements both big and small. Remember, the more junior members of your team are looking to your veteran agents as role models and your efforts to motivate the vets will have a trickle-down effect on them.

At Weichert, we believe strongly in hands-on coaching and support with affiliated broker to help lead them to business growth. We also provide the recipe and the tools to succeed. The Weichert Franchising team has spent years building a comprehensive system of training for brokers and agents of all levels in the industry. Many Brokers who join us tell us how powerful it is to be able to “plug-in” to a well-established system that supports both them and their agents.

Growing on your own can be hard. If you’re looking for a partner to help you with some of the heavy lifting on your way to the next level of success, consider a conversation with the Weichert Franchising team today or visit https://weichertfranchise.com

Help New Agents Avoid These Three Critical Sales Mistakes

A Broker’s recruiting strategy if done well, should attract some experienced real estate agents, but much of your agent growth is likely to come from agents who are brand new to real estate or who have little experience.  Your goal with these new associates is to get them up to speed and make them productive as quickly as you can.

After decades of coaching and training brokers and their agents, Weichert understands the most common challenges new agents have. As a broker, you can provide the coaching and training these agents need in order to avoid the common pitfalls associated with learning our industry and make their entry into the real estate world more rewarding and productive.  Here are three of the most common mistakes that new real estate agents make and how you can coach them through.

1) Giving Up Too Quickly

In the movie “Cool Hand Luke”, Paul Newman’s character famously utters the line: “What we have here is a failure to communicate.” He wasn’t talking about new real estate agents, but he could have been.

New Agents often take the words “not now” or “in the future”, as indications that there is no sales potential there and they let the contact simply die. But experienced agents and brokers know that lead nurturing in real estate can take weeks, months, or even years to come to fruition. And if you’re not front of mind when a customer is finally ready to move, they will move without you. Successful agents have built a solid lead funnel and steady book of business by leveraging years of consistent follow-up and outreach with their contacts and their local community.

It may seem obvious in 2019 to mention that social media can be one of the best ways to follow up and stay front of mind. Despite the current generation’s comfort level with web 2.0 and technology, new real estate agents still generally need coaching on what tactics on these portals will help them build their personal brand without seeming overly spammy. Follow up on social media also has its own set of rules, often depending on the platform you are using. But one rule applies to all of them: no outreach should be ignored or neglected. These little interactions, done in a timely manner, are the bricks they will use to build a real estate career.  As author Jim Rohn wisely observed, “The fortune is in the follow-up”.

2) Forgetting to Make It Personal

New agents have such a comfort level with all things digital it can sometimes be hard to get them to fully understand and embrace the power of the personal. The power of the personal is at the core of the Weichert philosophy, from our network of owners that know and help each other to our recipe for a successful real estate agent.

New agents need to make sure they build and nurture their personal brand in both online and offline activities through both personal and digital interactions. As a broker your job is to give them the tools that they need to develop their brand while being consistent with the message and brand of your brokerage.

While digital tools are great to efficiently stay in touch through social media, email and texts, encourage them to get out there and be nose to nose with potential clients. Door knocking, phone calls, open houses, participation in community events and seminars. These are all ways for new agents to have their face seen, make eye contact, shake hands, have real conversations and be memorable. Keeping it personal should be at the core of you and your agents’ communication philosophy.

3) Not Using A CRM System

There is no reason why new agents can’t get right into the habit of using the brokerage CRM tool to its fullest potential. An effective real estate CRM can be a big help with staying front of mind, helping new agents organize their contacts and keep in touch with buyers and sellers and other real estate professionals in their ever-growing sphere of influence. Conversely, it’s important that you offer this technology to your agents to help them be as productive and efficient as possible. The Weichert CRM system, for example, provides a central location for storing current and prospective client information and advanced tools for planning and follow-up on open houses ensuring you make the most of those contacts. Other elements include marketing automation that allow agents to send branded emails to select contact lists with minimal time and effort. The mobile app extends this convenience even further, allowing for updates and notifications to happen wherever they are.  As a new agent builds their database in the CRM, all sorts of marketing tools and templates will be at their disposal. The work they do now to build these lists, will pay dividends for years to come.

Effective Agent Coaching Is Key

The best way to make sure your new agents are productive as quickly as possible is to have a proven training system in place that coaches them past these and many other initial pitfalls. Perhaps the single strongest benefit of being a Weichert Franchise are the proven systems we provide to brokers. These have been developed and refined over decades, so you don’t have to develop them yourself. All you have to do is plug in. Becoming a Weichert Affiliate gives you access to effective coaching programs, marketing tools, and a CRM system that supports lead generation. As a Weichert Franchise you have a complete, turnkey system that provides your brokerage with the tools and training that leads to growth.

For more information about how affiliating with Weichert can help build your brokerage, call us today at 877-567-3350 or contact our team online.