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Back-To-School Marketing Ideas For Real Estate

Throughout the year, there are many seasonal ways to promote your real estate business. Perhaps one of the most popular for parents is the back-to-school season. Being involved within the local school system is a terrific way of gaining exposure, connecting your brand with the community, and building valuable relationships. In today’s post, you will learn effective ways of getting more involved with the local schools and marketing your real estate business during the back-to-school season.

Sponsor A Sports Team Or Advertise

One way to become involved is to sponsor a sports team, buy advertising at the field, in a program or team website, or perhaps run a free back-to-school clinic. Sports are an emotional, fun, and passionate event that parents will be eager to attend. This gives you a strong chance to connect with them and their student-athletes. If you decide to sponsor a team, you will be able to market yourself through banners or uniforms which is tremendous exposure.

Write A Back-To-School Blog Post

Obviously, you already know that schools play an important role in how and where people purchase homes. In fact, according to NAR, 60% of buyers report that schools impact their decision and 50% are willing to exceed their budget to be within a certain distance of a desirable school. Why not tap into this buyer demand with a back-to-school themed blog post or series of social media posts that talk about the best schools in the area and the real estate markets that surround them. Another idea would be to feature various tips on the best ways to help get kids ready to return to school or the best local places to purchase back-to-school clothes and supplies.

Sponsor A PTA Meeting

Parents balance a very busy schedule and work hard to attend PTA meetings so that they can be involved in their children’s education. These meetings are always in need of refreshments and extra assistance to further their efforts. Even if becoming a member of the PTA is not an option, you can become connected with those parents by connecting with the school’s PTA group and offering to provide or sponsor the refreshments for meetings. Attendees will be grateful for your generosity and will have the chance to get to know you and your brand in a positive way.

Organize a Drive for School Supplies

Unfortunately, there are many families who cannot afford to purchase school supplies for their children. Another great way to support the community is by organizing a collection for school supplies or teaming up with a local charity to support this. Collect things such as pens, pencils, markers. Have the drop off location at your office, which will allow you and your business to connect with donors throughout the community. Get sponsors and/or collect monetary donations to purchase backpacks. Get your agents involved to assemble backpacks with the supplies to donate to a district with children who can benefit.

Leveraging Schools For Connections

Parents are one of the most valuable targets in the real estate industry and the back-to-school season is by far one of the best times to form a connection with them. As the summer winds down, getting ready to send the kids back to school is top of mind for parents, making it that much smarter for you to align with marketing tactics around that theme. Be sure that you continue to nurture the relationships that you form with parents during this time throughout the entire year by connecting with them on social media, importing them into your CRM, and starting conversations with them in person. The more opportunities that you take to show your dedication to the success of the schools, the more parents you will earn as long-term clients.

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When It Comes to Marketing, the Mix Is as Important as the Message

Let’s take a glimpse back at realtor marketing in the 1960’s: mornings began with a meeting where realtors discussed and previewed new listings. Afternoons included real estate lead generation activities such as door-to-door canvassing and conversations with walk-in customers. Remember, two-car families were rare, and some homes didn’t have phones.  Advertising was straightforward. Realtors handwrote a few ads and gave them to a secretary who placed them in the local paper on a rotational basis.

Fast forward to 2019: you face new challenges when marketing your brokerage. We live in a digital world where people order food, buy airplane tickets, and watch movies online. We’re connected to at least one device all day, every day. It’s not surprising that more than 90% of prospective buyers use online research throughout their home-buying process, according to a National Association of Realtors’ survey.

Marketing your realty today includes more than advertising or a catchy slogan. Marketing encompasses all the activities you participate in to generate awareness and encourage engagement with your team. From business cards to billboards, yard signs to presence at community events, these are all part of an effective marketing mix to keep you top of mind and encourage clients to think of you first when they need a real estate professional. Balancing traditional marketing tactics, like advertising, direct mail with things such as open houses and digital advertising creates an effective mix of activity that puts you in more places, gives you more connection opportunities and creates a greater chance you will be seen by your target audience.

Traditional Marketing Establishes Your Brand

The strengths of traditional marketing efforts like direct mail, print ads, and billboards are noteworthy:

  • You can reach a broad local audience in a region, city, or neighborhood.
  • Delivering a consistent message across billboards, print advertising, and signage gives clients several opportunities to see your brand and get a sense of what you’re about. Clients can save hard copy marketing materials like brochures and direct mailers as reference tools. People connect emotionally with tangible items.
  • Clients are familiar with traditional marketing and easily understand the messages you deliver with this type of media.

Importantly, traditional marketing activities boost awareness of your company, helping your brand become known and recognized. People seeing or hearing your message may not need a real estate agent — yet – but your realty name will be familiar when they do need one.

You can also use traditional marketing efforts to encourage engagement with your digital programs. Including your website and social media links give potential clients more information as they shift from a passive observer to an active seeker of your support.

Digital Marketing Generates Real Estate Leads and Brokerage Awareness that Helps Connect

Digital marketing adds power to your traditional marketing activities; however, it does not replace them. It supplements them. Digital marketing tactics like blog articles and online ads allow you to reach clients when and where they are online and ensure your messages meet their needs.

Here’s what we mean:

  • You can deliver messages cost-effectively through multiple channels. Videos, email blasts, and targeted ads give potential clients a variety of ways to learn about your company. Since digital marketing goes where clients are, there is a greater chance you can reach who you want, when you want.
  • If you have news about real estate in your market or receive the same question repeatedly from clients, you can adjust your digital activities in real time. You can add digital content or revise existing information quickly and inexpensively.
  • Response to digital marketing can easily be tracked with metrics. Unlike traditional marketing, you don’t have to wait for data to accumulate or guess about whether you reached your audience. You’ll know how many people visited your website, which pages they read, and whether they downloaded your whitepaper. With information about how well your messages connect with clients, you can adjust how you engage with them.

Digital information can be easily shared and redirected from one potential client to another, creating ‘brand ambassadors’ who help you with additional real estate lead generation.

Non-Advertising Promotion

Then there are the activities outside of advertising that are just as important in promoting your business and connecting you with clients, such as lead gen programs, open houses, yard signs, participation in community events and hosting educational seminars. These are all tactics you need as part of your marketing mix to stay in front of consumers through a variety of channels and also provide the necessary ways to connect them with your services when they are ready to buy or sell.

At Weichert, we teach the importance of engaging in a variety of activities to build brand in your local market. Our coaching team provides a roadmap and is available to guide you every step of the way. Through Weichert tools, systems and approved vendors, you’ll have a foundation on which you can build a solid marketing plan that works for your business.

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