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5 Things You Can Do On LinkedIn to Increase Leads

There are many social networking sites that can contribute to lead generation within your brokerage. Most brokers and agents are already using Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter, but LinkedIn is probably one of the best, yet most underutilized lead generation sites. According to HubSpot’s recent survey of 5,198 businesses, LinkedIn provides almost three times the lead generation potential of either Facebook or Twitter. LinkedIn had a lead conversion rate of 2.74% to Facebook’s 0.77% and Twitter’s 0.69% rates. In the world of digital marketing metrics, this difference is significant. If you are broker who has been largely ignoring LinkedIn as part of your marketing strategy, here’s five things you can do right now on LinkedIn to add this important funnel to your overall lead generation strategy.

1. Complete Your Company and Personal Page Profiles

This is an important activity for the Broker to complete on behalf of the business. Start or fully complete your brokerage company page. Make sure it is tied to your personal LinkedIn profile and keep the look of it consistent with your other branding. A company page allows you to showcase your brokerage in many ways by publishing content on it. Encourage your agents to have a LinkedIn presence, as anyone who clicks on the brokerage logo from any of your agents’ pages will be directed to your company page. You only have a few seconds to make a lasting impression on each viewer, so choose your words and visuals wisely.

2. Add A Professional Banner To Your Profiles

A large graphical banner is now an option on both your company page and your personal page. Don’t leave it blank like so many do. Spend the time to create an image that shows your brokerage’s unique characteristics and conveys why you are the go-to brokerage in your local area. Keep the banner simple and easy to read at a glance with a minimal amount of text. Take care that it is fully visible on your profile once uploaded as LinkedIn will overwrite parts of it with other graphics.

3. Connect, Connect, Connect

If you’re just getting started on LinkedIn, getting connections is your #1 priority. You can send connection invitations essentially to everyone you know (who is on LinkedIn), and everyone you’ve ever done business with. Later through searches, you can connect to people who you would like to do business with. The more connections you have, the more visibility the content you syndicate will have (ie. Walk through videos, Listing Updates, Local Market updates, etc.)

One note here, don’t use the generic LinkedIn Invite. Take the time to craft a personal invitation to connect, and make sure to send a thank you follow-up if they do.

4. Most Companies are on LinkedIn

Almost every large company has a profile on LinkedIn. Use this fact to your advantage by doing something called “Circle Prospecting”. In this technique, you draw a radius around one of your listings that includes at least 5 mid to large sized companies in the area. Then using LinkedIn Search features, find lists of employees of those companies in your area. You can then reach out for a connection, or direct message them a video of your listing. You may find in some cases the HR or even the RELO Director (in larger companies) and these are excellent people to reach out to and ultimately make into first degree connections.  Bottom line: People who work nearby, may want to buy nearby.

5. Repurpose Your Website Blogs as LinkedIn Content

Many Brokers have understood the benefit of regular content production and already have some staff creating or curating content on a regular basis. Now let’s add LinkedIn to the list of places that you publish this content. Use the long form publishing feature of LinkedIn to republish the entire piece on your company page.  Then have your agents publish links to it on their personal pages, expanding it’s reach. Make sure to monitor for comments and those who engage with the content are likely to be worthwhile business contacts.

Use LinkedIn To Increase Leads Now

With such a relatively high conversion rate, some time spent cultivating LinkedIn is a worthwhile activity for your agents and your brokerage. It will take some effort to engage consumers and get leads through LinkedIn, but having another source of quality leads isn’t an opportunity you want to pass up in your quest for growth.

Of course, LinkedIn is just part of an overall lead farming strategy to bring leads directly to your team. At Weichert, we have an extensive and comprehensive lead strategy that all our affiliates have the ability to plug into. From tools and systems that work, to the support to help implement them, if you want to get to the next level of success, talk to our team to see what we can do for your business.

Learn more at weichertfranchise.com or call 877-746-2067.



Franchise Vs. Independent Real Estate Brokerage – Finding the Right Fit


Running your own real estate agency and brokerage is a big step for most real estate agents, and one of the biggest decisions you’ll need to make along the way is whether to  partner with a real estate franchise or go at it alone. Here’s some insight on your options.

What are the benefits and drawbacks of maintaining an independent brokerage? 

Choosing to go the independent route has both pros and cons for brokers. The main attraction is having complete autonomy – you aren’t answerable to anyone other than yourself. You can control the development of your own brand, find your own clients and you don’t have to pay any franchise fees.

Sounds great, but being autonomous means that the burden of your success is entirely on your shoulders. All training, marketing strategies, recruitment, retention and growth is up to you. You are the deal doctor, the office counselor, the janitor, the first to arrive and the last to leave at night. It’s also up to you to research the latest and greatest lead gen technology or CRM and build and maintain your brand – a big task in a tough economy and a competitive property market. Trying to keep up can leave you feeling burned out and the investment required to stay ahead can end up costing you much more than a franchise fee in the end.

What are the benefits and drawbacks of a real estate franchise? 

As you might expect, this can depend a lot on who you choose to partner with. While there will always be tradeoffs, affiliating does not have to mean “selling out” or giving up your business to big brother. With the right brand, you can tap into the power of a national system, but hold on to the great things you are already doing in your local market.

Yes, affiliating with an established real estate brand usually means sharing your individual brand with the brand of the franchisor. In most cases this is a benefit, as the brand of a good franchisor will be more powerful and far-reaching than that of an independent agency. Our experience is that most brokers welcome this as part of the other benefits they receive by affiliating. You will still do business with the people who know you, but you will be able to open the doors to people who don’t. Control of your business typically remains in your hands, depending on the policies of your franchise agreement. A system like Weichert’s for example, was conceived by an independent broker, for brokers. It offers a full buffet of training, systems, sales and marketing tools that have been used successfully by hundreds of offices across the country. They are available for you to plug into your business to help you grow. We know they work, but at the end of the day it is up to you how to integrate our programs and systems into your business.

Of course there are inevitably franchise fees, ranging from 6 to 10 percent depending on who you sign with. In the end, you must weigh the opportunity to improve and grow your brokerage vs. the time and dollar investment it will take to do it on your own. Ask yourself these questions: Can I get where I want to be on my own? How do the costs compare? How long will it take me to do it myself? Am I happy with my work/life balance? Am I effectively competing in my market? Can affiliation help me stay ahead? Can it help me reach my goal faster?

Is The Weichert Franchising System The Right Opportunity For You And Your Brokerage? 

Critical to getting the most benefits out your affiliation with a real estate franchise is committing to the right franchise partner. Different franchise opportunities offer different operating models which can lead to different results. Some large, well known real estate brands for example, offer little more than their logo and branding to their affiliates. The Weichert Franchise System couldn’t be more different. Our affiliates are taught a system for success which includes all the elements of the modern brokerage including lead generation and technology for example. The Weichert system is a real estate franchise opportunity developed by real estate agents and brokers with the flexibility to work within each brokerage’s needs, rather than offering a less effective one-size-fits-all solution. We offer access to the most sophisticated national lead collection and screening technologies in the country to support high-value lead generation for your brokerage. Our formula for growth combines effective online and offline marketing tools with expert, one-on-one real estate coaching and training, and even a proprietary real estate CRM which integrates your brokerage and fosters our complete lead lifecycle methodology. This franchise offering is part of a practical, hands-on partnership that brings continual innovation and support to each franchisee and keeps your business moving towards your goals even in the toughest times.

For more information on The Weichert Franchising System or the benefits of partnering with us through our real estate franchise opportunities, please contact us today.

Attracting the First-Time Homebuyer: Selling to Millennials

Millennials are entering the housing market and their priorities are very different from previous generations. As a result, many real estate agents are struggling to get in front of this segment and finding that their old methods of marketing and advertising aren’t working. Here are some tips from the real estate marketing and franchise leaders at Weichert.

  • Millennials are often in big debt – If you haven’t been to college in the last 20 years you may not realize just how much student loan and other debt millennials have accumulated when they enter the working world. This, coupled with tough employment markets all over the country, make it more difficult for millennials to enter the home market than any previous generation. Thus your ability to lead your marketing with talk about flexible financing options and easy access to a robust local job market is going to make the average millennial stand up and take notice.
  • Millennials will deal with small spaces: Small spaces aren’t a problem for these first-time buyers as long as the space is used in a smart or trendy way. Multifunctional office/guest room areas, compact but functional bathrooms and intelligently organized homes are very appealing selling points.
  • Technology Rules: The millennial generation is mobile first, tech savvy and always online – so it’s important to use this to inform and attract your buyers. What Internet speeds are offered in this area, and at what costs? What is the cell reception like on the property and who are the local ISPs? Are there plans to upgrade tech services in the area? Does the home have any automation, structured cabling or Ethernet wiring? For the millennial, this information is as important as the physical assets of the property.
  • Be online all the time: As a tech generation, the Internet is the first and probably the only source that millennials will turn to for listings. The use of online real estate marketing techniques is the way to reach them. Ensure all your listings are online, easy to find on your website and accompanied by essential details and high quality photographs. If your broker uses a mobile app, it should be free, fast, responsive and facilitate communication between you and your millennial buyer.
  • Easy commute routes: In this sense, millennials are similar to everyone else in that ease of getting to their workplace is essential. One small difference in millennial thinking may have to do with greener options for commuting. Options related to busses and trains or trolley systems, even bicycle paths are likely to be more popular with this group and will make your property more attractive.
  • Share your knowledge: Millennial buyers may be able to easily look up your listings and view them online, but like most first time buyers they have little working knowledge of the home buying process. Have information ready and on-hand for walking them through the process, understanding where the costs lie, how property loans work and any additional information. Presenting yourself as a specialist source of information boosts your credibility and helps them to understand what they can actually afford to buy.

Become the First Choice Real Estate Agency for Millennials

The Weichert Real Estate Franchise system is evolving continuously, informed by hundreds of brokers as well as industry and technology experts across the country. We know what works when marketing to millennials, and our system transforms these challenges faced by real estate agents into opportunities for growth and success. With proven training, tools and support, our specialist team is here to support brokers and drive lead generation, growth, technology and provide ongoing, up-to-date guidance.

For more information, please contact us today and see if a Weichert Franchise is a fit for your brokerage.