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Top 5 Reasons to Join a Real Estate Franchise in 2020

joining real estateAt one time or another, every real estate broker is faced with the difficult choice of franchising. For some, the fear of losing their independence causes hesitation. Although franchising may not be the right move for everyone, if any of these sound like the situation you are facing, it can be a tremendous benefit:

  • Your business has stalled, or you are not meeting your growth goals.
  • Recent changes in your local market pose a threat to your business.
  • You’re losing agents to other nationally-recognized brands.
  • You could benefit from proven operating systems, marketing tools, technology, or coaching.
  • You spend more time selling houses than managing your business in a leadership role.

There are really three options to help you move your business forward; you can build it, you can buy it or you can leverage it. The first two options take time and resources, and there’s no guarantee that it will get you where you want to go. When you affiliate, you leverage the extensive resources of your franchisor and chances are, those resources have already been vetted and proven. Here are five of the top benefits to joining a real estate franchise:

  1. You Are No Longer Alone

If you are anything like most real estate brokers, you decided to launch your brokerage because you wanted to elevate your impact and increase your earning potential. Now that you have settled into that role, you may again be searching for a way to grow and expand your operations. One of the most powerful ways that partnering with a good real estate franchise can help is by giving you a well-tested structure for your operations and a connection to something bigger. Being part of a group can put you in a better position, when it comes to competing against some of the major disruptors that have been entering the industry.

With a brand like Weichert, for instance, you have access to coaches, training, and branded technology that can provide you with support. Between our regional coaches, conferences and trainings and our active peer-to-peer network, you will never have to wonder what to do next. Just imagine being able to network and connect with other like-minded brokers that understand exactly what challenges you’re facing, can offer strategies to overcome them, warn you of potential pitfalls, and cheer you on as you grow. With the support and credibility of a national brand on your side, you will face fewer stumbling blocks on your path to greater success.

  1. You Can Provide Your Agents With the Tools, Resources and Training to Be Successful

As a real estate broker, you are not only faced with the task of attracting buyers and sellers to feed to your agents, but you must also attract high-quality agents to feed your growth. Being able to offer agents productive resources to support their business is critical to recruiting and retention. But there is a time investment in the process to create those things and do it right. Not to mention, the thousands of marketing ideas, gimmicks, and tools out there can be overwhelming! However, once you become part of a national franchise, you gain access to marketing systems that are already proven to deliver results, while eliminating that expensive learning curve, plus your agents can get the training they need to use those tools effectively.

Weichert affiliates regularly tell stories of the relief they felt once they gained access to Weichert marketing and training systems, as well as their network of mentors, peers, and coaches. As part of the Weichert family, brokerage owners no longer have to use their own time and resources to research and find the best tools and marketing strategies because Weichert has done all that heavy lifting for them. They now have become a destination for agents.

  1. Recruiting Systems To Grow Your Agent Base

Recruiting is one of your largest responsibilities as a broker. It can also be one of the most challenging, as it can be difficult to find, attract, and keep the right agents for your team. Often, agents hesitate to join a brokerage if they don’t have a good value proposition. However, if you do your homework and align yourself with a national franchise like Weichert, you will fully recognize the power of having a recognizable brand behind you. From sales systems, marketing tools, technology, lead sources, support, and coaching that a company like Weichert provides, companies are in a position to offer a comprehensive program to attract more agents. Plus, at Weichert, we coach our recruiting managers on proven recruiting systems and provide them with winning materials that help sell that value proposition. Having a system streamlines the process of growing your team with quality agents and supplying them with the tools for success creates an environment where they want to stay.

  1. Technology Systems To Help Your Agents Be More Productive

You can’t talk about real estate, marketing, or branding these days without talking about technology. Clients demand immediate follow-up and high levels of service, and it’s very difficult to stay on top of that without the right tech. But technology can be expensive, and it is ever-changing. How do you know what to invest in? Do you have the time to do the necessary research? How do you keep up with the changes? The time and expense of figuring all this out as an independent broker takes you away from operating your business.

By aligning with a franchise, like Weichert, you get the benefit of all their resources dedicated to vetting, researching, testing and updating. Weichert affiliates receive access to the myWeichert® powered by kvCORE platform, a powerful, all in one solution to run every aspect of a real estate business. Customized, branded websites connect to a smart CRM that uses AI driven, behavioral automation, powerful lead gen tools and more to help generate leads and stay in touch with contacts to convert more business. The system would normally be a huge investment for an independent brokerage to take on, both from financial and learning curve aspects. However, it is included with Weichert affiliation.

  1. Business Coaching & Support To Map Your Growth

Often the conversations about real estate training are centered around the agents. But owners, brokers and managers need coaching, too! Having easy access to training materials, coaching, and support as they operate is key to growing a business.  If you have ever found yourself unsure of your next move, in need of peer support, or in search of new education at the broker level, you would benefit deeply from the educational resources supplied from a national real estate franchise like Weichert. From business planning tools, to budget advice to strategies to improve company dollar, your dedicated business coach helps you along the way to strengthen your business and ensure you are establishing a solid foundation for growth.

Click here if you’re interested in learning more about the benefits of franchising with a nationally recognized brand like Weichert and how their resources can help both you and your agents thrive in today’s market.

Lighting A Fire: How to Keep Real Estate Agents Motivated

Real Estate Coaching

Real estate is both a rewarding and challenging profession. Associates are constantly learning and are highly knowledgeable about local community issues and the national economy. While every transaction is unique, helping people achieve their dream of homeownership is a gratifying experience that never gets old. The passion your agents have for the real estate industry is why many home buyers and sellers choose your company over your competitors. Just like a high-performance engine needs an occasional tune-up to continue performing at optimal level, your agents also need some regular coaching and encouragement from you to stay motivated and achieve the best results for your brokerage.

Get To Know Your Agents

As a successful broker, you probably have a team of agents with diverse personalities. While a pep talk during an office meeting may fuel the enthusiasm of some agents for weeks, others respond to a one-on-one conversation with you about their individual business plans and revenue-based goals. You or your manager should regularly schedule a time to meet with each of your agents personally to discuss their current clients and transactions that are in progress. This also provides the management team an opportunity to learn more about them and their lifestyle. Understanding your agents helps know how to best to motivate each one of them and lend your experience where needed on deals that are in progress.

Acknowledge Their Strengths and Accomplishments

Recognition is one of the most effective methods of motivating your team. Everyone wants to be appreciated and respected, especially younger, or new to the industry agents. These agents in particular will need encouragement as they exrealerience the normal initial disappointments and setbacks of the selling process. Let them know you recognize that they have the potential to be exceptional real estate agents, while gently coaching them toward best practices.  Make a big deal of their first sale, and let them know they have a safe, professional home within your brokerage.

It is also important to let your experienced top producers know how much you appreciate them. Reliable agents who always do well can too easily be taken for granted. Allow them to mentor junior agents, as a sign of how much you respect their abilities.

Maintain a Great Work Environment – Every Day.

Motivating agents is not something that you can write on your to-do list and achieve in one day. Agents have different temperaments and they have good days and bad days. Brokers should strive to maintain a positive company culture that fosters agents’ creativity, teamwork, and passion for their profession. At Weichert, we have seen that the workplace culture of a brokerage often reflects a brokers’ personality. When thinking about motivating agents, be sure to take some time each day to remind yourself why you started a real estate brokerage and acknowledge that you have accomplished a lot of great things. Part of motivating agents is taking care that you are also motivated and feel good about the job you are doing, and the positive difference you are making in the lives of your agents, and the lives of your clients.

At Weichert, we know a few things about building motivated real estate team. We know that Realtors working together can accomplish great things. Our real estate franchise system is created by brokers, for brokers. For information on the benefits of partnering with Weichert, visit https://www.weichertfranchise.com/ .

Use Video To Enhance Your Personal Brand In 2020

In 2020, there is absolutely no denying that real estate agents and brokers need to make video a priority. Not only is video content important for helping your real estate website gain listing visibility in search engines, but it is also a powerful tool that helps potential clients connect with your personal style and brand.

The most common videos in real estate remain virtual tours; however, there are many other ways that you can use video to enhance your real estate brand and carve out a powerful name for yourself. Here are some practical ways that you can incorporate more video into your personal branding strategy from the experts at Weichert.

Translate Your Blog Posts Into Videos

Are you already generating a regular real estate blog or regular social posting? You can get more leverage out of every post by translating that content into a video. All you need to do is use your blog post like a script to showcase your expertise. Affordable software like ContentSamurai can create videos from your blog posts in seconds by automatically analyzing the content! You can also use videos to supplement your blogs. For example, if you write an article about how to stage a house to get it ready for the market, you could include videos of you showing them how to complete the steps in the article.

Interview Local Businesses

The top experts in branding and marketing will tell you that as a real estate agent or broker, it is in your best interest to make your company name synonymous with your market. In other words, when someone thinks of your market they should automatically think of you and vice versa. One of the best ways to accomplish that goal is to use content like videos to showcase your expertise on all things local. Take time to interview and feature local highlights on video, like restaurants, boutiques, schools, and attractions that make your market such a great place to live. Since those businesses will be grateful for the free advertising, they are likely to promote your videos as well, gaining you lots of extra and free exposure to potential clients.

Showcase Members Of Your Team

One of the best ways to help the community get to know your business and recruit new members to your team is to showcase those who are currently part of your team. For this tactic to be effective, you need each video to clearly communicate the following:

  • The agent’s role within the team
  • The agent’s specialty or niche
  • What makes them unique
  • Why they chose to work in real estate
  • Why they chose to join your team
  • What they love most about being a member of your brokerage

It is a good idea to feature these videos on your website, social media, a newsletter, and YouTube channel. When done correctly, each one of these interviews will provide confidence and social proof to clients who are considering hiring a member of your team, as well as and agents looking for a brokerage.

Gather Video Testimonials

Speaking of social proof, it is well worth your time to gather video testimonials from clients as well. Before hiring an agent to represent them in the largest financial transaction of their life, they want to know that other people just like them have had a positive experience with that agent. Video testimonials are more powerful than written ones because they can better communicate the emotion behind the words. Ask each client to tell the story of why they chose to work with you, what impact you made on the transaction, and what they enjoyed most about the process.

Profile Your Farm

Another extremely powerful way of pushing your real estate website up in the search engines is with hyperlocal content like neighborhood pages or profiles that showcase each city or neighborhood you serve. While there should be written content and links to any blogs that are relevant to each neighborhood, you should also include as many videos as you can. One easy way to do this is to ask the photographers that work your listings to do a drone shot of the neighborhood in addition to the house.

Becoming a master content creator with video will dramatically elevate your brand awareness and overall success. It should be one of the many tactics you employ as part of a comprehensive marketing plan. A partner like Weichert can give you the guidance and tools to own your market.

For more information about how Weichert can empower you to grow your brand, go to www.weichertfranchise.com.

How To Win the Real Estate Listings Battle

As we all know, one of the biggest challenges we’ve been faced with in the recent real estate market is the supply of listings. They are at a premium. So how does your company be the brokerage of choice when it comes to competing for listings that are out there? The good news is that by stepping up your game and in some cases, rethinking techniques both tried and new, you really can improve your ability to compete and win these clients. By delivering a stellar experience before and during your listing appointment, including an equally powerful listing presentation, you can give yourself a tremendous competitive edge. Here are some key ingredients of both.

Provide a Listing Experience.

We use the term “experience” here with great deliberation. The days of throwing a quick CMA together based on a few publicly available local sales is not going to cut it. In 2019, if you really want to stand out to buyers and sellers, you’re going to have to do more than that. The client experience with you starts the moment you first contact them to the day you complete the transaction (and beyond!) and every moment in between. Use all the tools and technology at your disposal to show them you are energetic, up-to-date and on top of the details. Don’t let your agents be tempted to discount commission. Instead, agents should use the entire listing experience as an opportunity to showcase their value by explaining how their skill set and resources will deliver the most desirable results. The entire client experience must show that you are professional, tech savvy, and someone they can trust to navigate the process.

Trust. Getting to know the client and their needs should be built in to the listing process, in addition to creating the presentation itself. Taking the time, demonstrating that you have listened, truly understand the home’s unique attributes and that you will do what you say you will do, will go a long way toward reassuring the Client that they will be in good hands.

Be Detailed. Be Consistent. And Show Exactly What You Will Do.

The listing presentation itself can speak volumes. A powerful template used consistently by your agents is the first step to ensure all clients receive a consistent experience from your brokerage. It should be customized to the sellers to make them feel special. The other benefits to having a set template is that it will give off the impression that much time was spent putting it together, adding to the consumer experience. The plan should walk the seller through all the steps of the process and clearly outline all the agent will do to sell the home. This helps paint a picture for the seller and puts their mind at ease that the agent has it together, is organized and has a very clear plan to get the job done. An agent simply giving a presentation that’s “All About Me” is not going to make the seller feel that the agent has their best interests in mind.

Make the Impression Last, Even After You’ve Gone

One of the common reasons that a listing is lost is that potential clients are left with too many unanswered questions after the agent leaves. One of the best ways of solving that problem is to give a comprehensive, professionally branded listing presentation, but make sure you leave behind something that summarizes all you discussed for them to review and digest.

Branding: A beautifully branded booklet that unifies your brokerage mission statement, your company values, and what makes you unique will showcase how committed you are. You can bet that sellers will see your listing presentation as an example of how you would represent them should they hire you.

Marketing Strategy: It can be easy for sellers to become confused between the offerings of various agents vying for their business. If the listing presentation clearly explains the marketing strategy that you plan to use for their property and the unique capabilities of your brokerage, it will be easy for them to understand what your team brings to the table.

Systems & Tools: Buyers and sellers are more educated than ever and they will favor agents that have proven systems and high-tech tools on their side. Outlining the technology resources that you implement to deliver the best possible results will show them that they are not just hiring an agent, but rather a large extended infrastructure of people, processes, and technology that brings diverse expertise and action to the problem of selling their home.

Weichert franchisees and agents have experienced first-hand how a listing presentation that incorporates each of these elements can elevate the overall listing appointment experience and significantly improve their success rates. Through our DOORS listing presentation and associated processes, Weichert agents clearly communicate their value, expertise, available resources and detailed, multi-channel approach to their marketing.

Give Yourself An Edge

As an independent broker, it can be hard to stand out from the pack. That’s why you need to make the most out of every listing lead you get. That’s also why a partner like Weichert can be so valuable to you. One of the investments we make on behalf of our affiliates is a great Listing Presentation and providing a system of listing a property that includes all the things discussed above. With our tools and an agent’s attention to the customer, it’s a winning combination for your brokerage again and again to help you win the listings game in your market.

For more information about this and all the tools and systems available to Weichert affiliates, visit weichertfranchise.com or contact the team at Weichert Franchising today at 877-567-3350.