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Recruiting Top Real Estate Agents

Recruiting Real Estate Agents

Recruiting agents is the lifeblood of building your real estate brokerage. Agents will come and go and often it can feel like a roller coaster, but if you are constantly recruiting, you will keep your pipeline full and that will help minimize the ups and downs. It’s important to continually recruit a good mix of new and experienced agents. Above all, you want them to be productive and in alignment with the goals of your brokerage.  To keep them, you need to continually provide value that they will have a tough time getting anywhere else. Having a good group of experienced agents helps maintain continuous production, while newer agents get up to speed. They can also serve as role models.

How Will You Attract Experienced Agents?

As a savvy broker and business owner, you already understand the value of having a comprehensive business plan in place, but how often do you update and revisit it? It is helpful to create or update your business plan each year to help you stay on track, move the needle forward, and keep your goals front of mind. This plan should certainly outline how you intend to attract high-quality agents to your team and how many of them you need each year. At Weichert this is part of “knowing your numbers”. Here are a few ideas to consider:

  1. Create a Powerful Brand That Will Act as a Recruiting Magnet. For independent brokers, having a big brand presence in your local market is particularly important when trying to compete for seasoned agents. One story we hear over and over again from our brokers, is that recruiting got a whole lot easier the day they put the Weichert sign on their building. A big brand also helps with lead generation which is always a concern of established agents looking to change affiliation.
  2. Lead with Lead Generation. Even senior agents who have a good network are attracted to the possibility of quality leads that can come their way with little or no effort on their part. To the extent that you can show them a ready pipeline of these leads that come into your brokerage, you can demonstrate an advantage over where they are now. This is perhaps one of the strongest recruiting assets Weichert has, thanks to the Weichert Lead Network, a national system of advertising and technology that delivers online leads to live agents within minutes.
  3. Tools That Work. Then provide things like a CRM, listing presentation, professional personal branding and marketing materials that they don’t need to spend time creating themselves. Now you’ve positioned your brokerage as a place that provides value. Weichert, for example, provides its agents with a proprietary CRM, as well as listing and selling tools like our DOORS™ listing presentation, unique Price Trend Analysis, and “Getting to Know You” workbook, plus libraries of professionally designed marketing brochures and customizable templates for attracting clients and listing and selling homes.

The Power of a Brand In Recruiting

Part of the reason for the see-saw of agent headcount is often recruiting gets a lot of attention one week, then none for the rest of the month! What do you need to have a successful recruiting program? Here are some things to consider:

  • An annual recruiting plan
  • Defined recruiting activities
  • Professional marketing and presentation materials to use with recruits that presents your value
  • Consistent execution
  • Training to get agents up and running and productive fast

At Weichert, we believe recruiting is one of the key pillars to brokerage success.  This is why we provide our affiliates with guidance and support in each of the areas above. In addition, by providing agents with a full suite of selling systems, technology and marketing materials to support their business, we help our affiliates retain their agents by creating ongoing value. To learn more about the Weichert systems and the benefits they provide brokerages across the country, contact us at 877-567-3350 or view weichertfranchise.com.


Six Ways To Network With Fellow Brokers

Broker Network

Your bustling independent brokerage is a testament to how hard you’ve worked to be known as an expert in your local real estate market. Still, it’s hard to keep up with new real estate laws, tax changes and the ever forward march of technology and digital strategies while running your daily brokerage operations. You can’t expect to know everything. That’s where having a solid support network of other brokers and real estate experts can really help. In fact, a Real Trends study indicates that independent brokers without a network do less in sales than brokerages affiliated with their larger franchised competitors who have broker networks (8.7 percent versus 10 percent or more of total sales transaction volume).

Your Broker Network Helps You Grow

As a broker, connecting with others is an integral part of running a real estate operation. Having a tuned-in network of peers and industry partners to depend on is an invaluable asset when you need to keep up-to-date, seek expert answers, or require help problem solving. You may even find a mentor to help coach you toward better efficiency and a more rewarding, balanced life.

These associations can also increase sales when you show your own knowledge and trustworthiness. Buyers and sellers may be referred to your brokerage and exclusive listings shared for faster sales.

Broker Networking Strategies

Independent brokers all face similar challenges that can be resolved together on national, regional or local levels. Different networking strategies get different results. Try a mix of these four ways to associate with other independent brokers and real estate partners and build your broker network:

  • Use your Active Rain profile (or start one) to ask and respond to questions posted by managing brokers. Read and comment on blogs of other brokers to build rapport or blog to share information you’ve learned.
  • Join groups on LinkedIn, Facebook or other social networking sites or start your own group just for independent brokers. Be active in responding to others, so you’ll get responses to your questions.
  • Attend functions of local real estate, mortgage or other industry-specific groups to associate with influencers and exchange contact information.
  • Attend national trade shows and conferences to meet independent brokers, start discussions and develop relationships.
  • Join a relocation council or group to receive the benefit of relocation leads and referrals.

Overall, broker networking is a challenge for the independent. This is where being part of an established national brand can give you a leg up. The right affiliation allows you to simply plug in and offers a sixth way to build a support network. Weichert affiliate Brokers for instance, enjoy a built-in broker network  that connects them to hundreds of affiliates across the country.  They enjoy regional and national opportunities to meet both virtually and face to face through events like our “Saw Session” workshops, regional Broker Council Meetings, Management Academies and national conferences, not to mention active Facebook discussion groups and advisory meetings. Plus, Weichert Workforce Mobility, our top-rated relocation company, offers affiliates the opportunity to qualify for relocation leads. Because we foster a community of support and sharing, members are very comfortable just even picking up the phone or emailing one-on-one to get advice, share ideas, bounce things around and share referrals. The family-like support that brokers receive as part of the Weichert system is one of the biggest reasons affiliates join us and stay with us.

Get Expert Advice

When you just don’t have the time to be an expert in every part of running your brokerage, having a network of peers and industry experts can be invaluable. But don’t just take our word for it, see what Weichert Affiliate Julie Fugate has to say about having comprehensive support..

Don’t feel like you have to go it alone. You can still run your own business while benefiting from an affiliation with a larger system. Learn more at weichertfranchise.com or call 877-957-9692.




Lighting A Fire: How to Keep Real Estate Agents Motivated

Real Estate Coaching

Real estate is both a rewarding and challenging profession. Associates are constantly learning and are highly knowledgeable about local community issues and the national economy. While every transaction is unique, helping people achieve their dream of homeownership is a gratifying experience that never gets old. The passion your agents have for the real estate industry is why many home buyers and sellers choose your company over your competitors. Just like a high-performance engine needs an occasional tune-up to continue performing at optimal level, your agents also need some regular coaching and encouragement from you to stay motivated and achieve the best results for your brokerage.

Get To Know Your Agents

As a successful broker, you probably have a team of agents with diverse personalities. While a pep talk during an office meeting may fuel the enthusiasm of some agents for weeks, others respond to a one-on-one conversation with you about their individual business plans and revenue-based goals. You or your manager should regularly schedule a time to meet with each of your agents personally to discuss their current clients and transactions that are in progress. This also provides the management team an opportunity to learn more about them and their lifestyle. Understanding your agents helps know how to best to motivate each one of them and lend your experience where needed on deals that are in progress.

Acknowledge Their Strengths and Accomplishments

Recognition is one of the most effective methods of motivating your team. Everyone wants to be appreciated and respected, especially younger, or new to the industry agents. These agents in particular will need encouragement as they exrealerience the normal initial disappointments and setbacks of the selling process. Let them know you recognize that they have the potential to be exceptional real estate agents, while gently coaching them toward best practices.  Make a big deal of their first sale, and let them know they have a safe, professional home within your brokerage.

It is also important to let your experienced top producers know how much you appreciate them. Reliable agents who always do well can too easily be taken for granted. Allow them to mentor junior agents, as a sign of how much you respect their abilities.

Maintain a Great Work Environment – Every Day.

Motivating agents is not something that you can write on your to-do list and achieve in one day. Agents have different temperaments and they have good days and bad days. Brokers should strive to maintain a positive company culture that fosters agents’ creativity, teamwork, and passion for their profession. At Weichert, we have seen that the workplace culture of a brokerage often reflects a brokers’ personality. When thinking about motivating agents, be sure to take some time each day to remind yourself why you started a real estate brokerage and acknowledge that you have accomplished a lot of great things. Part of motivating agents is taking care that you are also motivated and feel good about the job you are doing, and the positive difference you are making in the lives of your agents, and the lives of your clients.

At Weichert, we know a few things about building motivated real estate team. We know that Realtors working together can accomplish great things. Our real estate franchise system is created by brokers, for brokers. For information on the benefits of partnering with Weichert, visit https://www.weichertfranchise.com/ .

Manage Your Real Estate Office’s Brand On Social Media


Social media networks present a powerful opportunity for real estate brokers and agents to grow their business, but like all marketing efforts, it’s not a medium where you can just “wing it”. By managing your brand effectively and approaching this sphere of marketing with a clear plan, you can position yourself for optimal brand development, exposure, and lead generation with minimal financial expense.

Always have a strategy

We’ve all heard the saying that “failing to plan is planning to fail”. This is exactly the case with managing your business on social media. It simply isn’t enough to create accounts on several different social networks and then post content a couple of times a year when you remember. In fact, this can do more harm than good, as it shows viewers that you are not engaged with the social world.

Having a strategy in place before you take action, will help you define what you are trying to achieve through social media marketing and help you accomplish goals in manageable chunks. Are you trying to increase followers? Are you trying to attract recruits or sellers? Are you trying to increase brand awareness? Are you trying to stay top of mind with your followers? Having specific goals will prevent your business from becoming overwhelmed with different options, keep you on track and focused, and ensure that you are connecting with optimal results for the time you have to spend on it.

Don’t spread yourself too thin

Social networks are incredibly popular! It seems like there’s a new one launching every week! But this doesn’t mean that your brokerage should be on it. Instead of taking up valuable time and resources by trying to be on every single trending network, limit your choices to the ones that suit your business and are likely to yield the best results. If you’re unsure of what platforms to choose, here are the top three most effective for real estate professionals.

  • Facebook. Both agents and brokerages should have a presence on Facebook and work to create a following. If you only have time for one, this is the one to start with.
  • Instagram. While owned by Facebook, Instagram reaches more Millennials.
  • Twitter. This can be better for professional to professional communication (recruiting, networking) than buyer/seller engagement.

Develop your voice and style

Before starting your social media campaign, think about the voice of your brand and how you can express this online. Are you trendy and quirky? Are you looking to appeal to Millennials? Are you targeting upscale clients? Depending on how you want to be perceived should shape the voice in which you communicate to the world. All your content should have a voice that appeals to your target market: use media that prioritizes this group and engage directly with their interests, concerns, and priorities.

Professionalism and consistency

All social media content, from videos and blogs to comments on posts, should be delivered consistently and with professionalism at all times. Stay away from posts regarding political, religious or social issues. Three recommendations:

  • Posts should be made regularly (at least once a week),
  • Messages should be replied to, and
  • Any negative feedback dealt with sensitively and in line with company policies.

Realize the potential for business growth through social media marketing

Social media represents one of the most effective channels for real estate agent marketing and, when approached correctly, can attract agents as well as buyers/sellers. Don’t let this opportunity pass your business by, and remember, slow and steady wins the race. At Weichert®, we stress the importance of social media to our offices and real estate agents as part of a balanced marketing plan and provide support through real estate coaching and training, our approved supplier network, content, listings promotion and more.

To learn about other ways Weichert can help your brokerage get to the next level, contact a member of our team for more information at weichertfranchise.com or 877-533-9007.