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Don’t Let Your Brokerage Get Caught In “The Shiny Penny Syndrome”

There’s one thing for certain about the real estate industry–there is no shortage of gadgets, downloads, software tools, or marketing services targeted to brokerages. And as a broker, it’s easy to get distracted – you’re afraid you’ll be left behind if you don’t take advantage of the latest and greatest thing out there. At Weichert®, we call this “The Shiny Penny Syndrome”.

Essentially, this occurs when a company jumps to chase a shiny, new opportunity, service or product instead of focusing on mastering the basics of running a business. Often, these products and services offer to make your lives easier by saving time, helping to maximize efficiency, effectively marketing your brokerage, getting more listings or even helping your business survive the latest economic crisis.

It’s important to learn to navigate this minefield, if you are a broker looking to grow in a challenging housing market. There are so many shiny pennies out there that it’s easy to end up jumping from one promising new real estate tool or marketing idea to the next in an increasingly rapid and costly cycle, while the core elements of the business like how to recruit, write an effective business plan, maximize agent production and monitor key performance indicators get less attention than they deserve.

These shiny pennies are marketed so well and with such urgency that brokers often forget to ask pivotal questions like “How will it fit in with my current business goals?”, “What real results will it bring?”, “Where will I go for support?” and “What operational changes will be required in order to actually get the benefits of the product?”. Most Brokers know they must adapt and innovate to stay current and effective in an ever changing landscape.  The real challenge is knowing how to balance innovation with the basic activities and systems needed to run a successful brokerage and build a business.

Innovation With Purpose

A key to successful innovation is to focus on the benefits to your core customer and core operations, rather than innovating for multiple seemingly attractive, trendy options. Important questions to ask when considering a new product, technology or marketing service include:

  • Will this help me achieve the business goals I’ve set for myself this year?
  • Will this help me or my agents better service and communicate with our customers?
  • Will its use enhance the credibility of my brokerage or my agents?
  • How can I measure the effectiveness of this investment in 3 months, 6 months, a year?
  • Am I committed to doing the work and training necessary to use the tool or process effectively and consistently?

Strategic growth through planned and proven marketing for brokers

One of the things an affiliation with a credible Real Estate Franchise Company can provide is a guide who can steer you to the best of real estate innovations while keeping your business plan on track. The Weichert System gives you proven, productive systems, technology and activities to implement for nearly every aspect of your real estate business, including real estate marketing, selling systems, recruiting, a lead system and business management. With comprehensive training, ongoing support and expert coaching from our real estate professionals and a parent company with first-hand brokerage experience, you’ll feel relieved knowing you have people in your corner. You’ll never have to go it alone again. Our support staff will work with you to map out a road to growth.

At Weichert, we’ve already paved a road for success. All you have to do is take it. Visit us today at https://www.weichertfranchise.com.

Phone Not Ringing? Learn to Generate Real Estate Leads in Unexpected Ways

There is nothing more stressful to a real estate agent as the sound of silence while waiting for the phone to ring with calls from clients, referral partners, and prospects. If your phone is not ringing as often as you’d like, try augmenting your traditional avenues with something new. Thanks to technology, there are more creative ways to connect with your sphere and drum up business than ever before. Here are a few cutting-edge ways you can generate new leads to complement tried and true door-knocking and direct mail.

Social Influencers

Social media influencers aren’t just for selling makeup and music, they’re also great for selling real estate and promoting your content. Reach out to local influencers in your area via Instagram and ask if they would be willing to collaborate with you to help you gain exposure with your local market. Many of them will be willing to do this for little to no cost but the impact can be tremendous.

Amazon Alexa Flash Briefing Skills

Statistics are proving that more and more people are turning to voice and AI for their information needs. In fact, it is predicted that by 2019, at least 50% of all online searches will be done using voice assistants like Siri, and Alexa. To capitalize on this trend, develop your own Amazon Alexa Flash Briefing skill so you can deliver daily doses of real estate tips, local happenings, stories, and market updates to your sphere. This will allow you to stay in touch every day in a valuable way and positively position yourself as the local real estate expert.


People love to learn through webinars! They allow you to get the information you crave without having to leave the comfort of your home. They also allow business owners like you to build an audience of trusting followers. Webinars on topics like first-time homebuyers, how to prepare your home for listing, and financing options offer you a valuable way to get people into your sales funnel in a concentrated way. To make the most out of your webinars, build an automated funnel that will cycle your students through the webinar and send follow-up emails that nurtured them until they are ready to buy or list with you.

Use Video

Video is a great way to get your face in front of consumers and cover a large area. It provides a more intimate form of contact than an email or standard social media post. If you do it often enough, people will feel as if they know you, even if you have never met. Take quick selfie videos of yourself with real estate tips or community insights to establish your credibility not only as an agent, but as a neighborhood expert. Consider a video email service like BombBomb to record and send regular video communications to your sphere of influence, instead of regular emails. These services integrate video right into your email and often have CRM capabilities so you can see who is engaging so you can target them for further follow-up.

Find Your Train Station: New Spins On Proven Strategies

Jim Weichert jump-started his business at the local train station by consistently handing out cards, shaking hands, and getting in front of the community in a way people hadn’t tried. He knew that if he wanted to earn clients, he would have to reach them in a creative and interactive way. He understood that with connections comes clients. His consistency with connections paid off. Now you don’t have to stand at a train station (although you could) to initiate consistent contact with your farm. Think of the internet as your train station and use its many platforms to creatively engage with your connections on a consistent basis and that phone will start to ring.

For more information about tools and systems that can help you maintain consistent contact and transform your connections into clients, go to https://www.weichertfranchise.com or call 877-746-2067.


Franchise Success Spotlight: Weichert Affiliate Dennis Murphy—Weichert, Realtors® – Donahue Partners

A Harvard University education has long been associated with some of the most extraordinary individuals in American Society. Harvard Alumni names read like a who’s who of American history, including global business leaders, politicians, diplomats and presidents.

To those distinguished alumni we add one more name: Cape Cod based Weichert® Broker, Dennis Murphy, owner of Weichert, Realtors® – Donahue Partners.

While a history degree from Harvard is not a requirement for success as a real estate broker, in the Cape Cod market it doesn’t exactly hurt either. It certainly speaks to his lifelong love of Massachusetts and his decision to settle in the Cape Cod Area. For Dennis, the path to real estate had more to do with Marge Donahue, Dennis’ grandmother. Marge was a beloved figure around the Cape who founded her own agency in 1963, which she ran until her passing in 1998.

“My grandmother was an inspiration to me,” says Dennis. After a stint doing advertising and marketing in New York City and being National Sales Director for America’s #1 market share television station, Dennis took over the independent agency in 1998.

The Road To Weichert

The 2008 recession hit Dennis’ brokerage hard. In 2009 he built out a new office but he was struggling to recruit and train agents. Dennis began to realize that he could use help. Dennis continued forward but in 2015 he met with Bill Scavone from Weichert and began to think seriously about an affiliation.

“I was very interested in their lead network,” says Dennis, “We actually did a test where we acted as a customer and used competitor websites to initiate contact, which were actually two other franchisors we were considering. In each case we never got a call back at all despite multiple attempts. But inquiries made on the Weichert site were rock solid at 3 minutes per response.”

This coupled with the clear and well developed systems Weichert showed Dennis really sealed the deal. In 2015, Dennis and his three agents signed with Weichert and became “Weichert, Realtors® – Donahue Partners”.

The Weichert Experience

The biggest difference Dennis felt after his affiliation was an overwhelming sense of relief. As Dennis puts it, “No more Dennis island.” At last he did not feel like he was in this alone.

With a full support team, Dennis suddenly felt like the wind was at his back. There were regular training sessions, such as “Sharpen the Saw” which are two-day management-level seminars for training and networking that Dennis still considers invaluable. There were regional Broker Council meetings right near Boston 3 times a year where he could interact with his peers.

Then there were the tools and systems. A full Fast Track training program to get new agents up and running and productive fast?  Done. A step by step program for recruiting? Done. A program for promoting open houses that actually works? Done. A completely elevated and professional looking listing presentation that could be customized though an online digital platform? Done. In fact the DOORS listing presentation was so effective and liked by his agents that he saw his closing rate rise significantly as agents used it and became more comfortable delivering it.

Another favorite benefit of affiliation for Dennis is simply the peer to peer relationships in the Weichert network. Both formal and informal meetings give Dennis access to a wide network of individuals inside and outside his market who are willing to help. That is the very culture of Weichert.

The Future With Weichert

Dennis only needs to look at his bottom line to know that some good things are happening. With a team now of close to 20 agents, Dennis has seen his GCI triple in 2 years and has met his entire previous year GCI in only 3 quarters in 2018. Dennis has his eyes on a second office in the mid-Cape area and is looking to hire 10 more agents in 2018.

But the best part for Dennis is that whatever the future may bring, he knows that Weichert has his back.

The Weichert Culture of Support

Being a Weichert affiliate is a partnership, a collaboration, done with great respect for what you’ve already achieved and learned.

After all, you’ve already built a successful business. We can help you do more.

For more information on becoming a Weichert Affiliate, call 877-567-3350  or visit weichertfranchise.com.

5 Things You Can Do On LinkedIn to Increase Leads

There are many social networking sites that can contribute to lead generation within your brokerage. Most brokers and agents are already using Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter, but LinkedIn is probably one of the best, yet most underutilized lead generation sites. According to HubSpot’s recent survey of 5,198 businesses, LinkedIn provides almost three times the lead generation potential of either Facebook or Twitter. LinkedIn had a lead conversion rate of 2.74% to Facebook’s 0.77% and Twitter’s 0.69% rates. In the world of digital marketing metrics, this difference is significant. If you are broker who has been largely ignoring LinkedIn as part of your marketing strategy, here’s five things you can do right now on LinkedIn to add this important funnel to your overall lead generation strategy.

1. Complete Your Company and Personal Page Profiles

This is an important activity for the Broker to complete on behalf of the business. Start or fully complete your brokerage company page. Make sure it is tied to your personal LinkedIn profile and keep the look of it consistent with your other branding. A company page allows you to showcase your brokerage in many ways by publishing content on it. Encourage your agents to have a LinkedIn presence, as anyone who clicks on the brokerage logo from any of your agents’ pages will be directed to your company page. You only have a few seconds to make a lasting impression on each viewer, so choose your words and visuals wisely.

2. Add A Professional Banner To Your Profiles

A large graphical banner is now an option on both your company page and your personal page. Don’t leave it blank like so many do. Spend the time to create an image that shows your brokerage’s unique characteristics and conveys why you are the go-to brokerage in your local area. Keep the banner simple and easy to read at a glance with a minimal amount of text. Take care that it is fully visible on your profile once uploaded as LinkedIn will overwrite parts of it with other graphics.

3. Connect, Connect, Connect

If you’re just getting started on LinkedIn, getting connections is your #1 priority. You can send connection invitations essentially to everyone you know (who is on LinkedIn), and everyone you’ve ever done business with. Later through searches, you can connect to people who you would like to do business with. The more connections you have, the more visibility the content you syndicate will have (ie. Walk through videos, Listing Updates, Local Market updates, etc.)

One note here, don’t use the generic LinkedIn Invite. Take the time to craft a personal invitation to connect, and make sure to send a thank you follow-up if they do.

4. Most Companies are on LinkedIn

Almost every large company has a profile on LinkedIn. Use this fact to your advantage by doing something called “Circle Prospecting”. In this technique, you draw a radius around one of your listings that includes at least 5 mid to large sized companies in the area. Then using LinkedIn Search features, find lists of employees of those companies in your area. You can then reach out for a connection, or direct message them a video of your listing. You may find in some cases the HR or even the RELO Director (in larger companies) and these are excellent people to reach out to and ultimately make into first degree connections.  Bottom line: People who work nearby, may want to buy nearby.

5. Repurpose Your Website Blogs as LinkedIn Content

Many Brokers have understood the benefit of regular content production and already have some staff creating or curating content on a regular basis. Now let’s add LinkedIn to the list of places that you publish this content. Use the long form publishing feature of LinkedIn to republish the entire piece on your company page.  Then have your agents publish links to it on their personal pages, expanding it’s reach. Make sure to monitor for comments and those who engage with the content are likely to be worthwhile business contacts.

Use LinkedIn To Increase Leads Now

With such a relatively high conversion rate, some time spent cultivating LinkedIn is a worthwhile activity for your agents and your brokerage. It will take some effort to engage consumers and get leads through LinkedIn, but having another source of quality leads isn’t an opportunity you want to pass up in your quest for growth.

Of course, LinkedIn is just part of an overall lead farming strategy to bring leads directly to your team. At Weichert, we have an extensive and comprehensive lead strategy that all our affiliates have the ability to plug into. From tools and systems that work, to the support to help implement them, if you want to get to the next level of success, talk to our team to see what we can do for your business.

Learn more at weichertfranchise.com or call 877-746-2067.