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Use Mentoring to Help New Agents Be More Productive

Welcoming newer or less experienced agents is a wonderful way of adding some diversity and fresh energy to your growing team. However, it is no secret that newer agents often struggle to get up to speed and become productive. While some brokers sit back, wait and watch to see who will sink or swim, smart ones are driven to take an active role that facilitates success.

The Impact of Mentorships In Brokerages

As a busy business owner with limited time for experimental programs, you may be wondering if a mentorship program can really improve agent productivity. The short answer is that yes, it does, and in fact this strategy has benefits for both the mentor, and mentee.

When implemented correctly, a brokerage mentorship program will:

  • Enhance skill development of new agents
  • Make onboarding more effective and efficient
  • Keeps new agents more engaged
  • Helps mentors manage their workload as part of training
  • Improve customer service which maintains your brand value
  • Leads to better agent retention and brokerage loyalty
  • Makes new agents produce sales faster

Furthermore, by appointing your more experienced agents as mentors, they will be grateful to see that you recognize them for their accomplishments and prior success and consider them a valuable partner.

Types of Mentorships

Not all mentorship programs are created equally. When implementing your own program(s), it is important that you select a program that is best suited for the agents in your brokerage. Here are three of the most common and proven models:

Group Mentorships: In this model, one mentor takes on several mentees. Although it can be an efficient method, it is important that the chosen mentor can handle the demands of multiple mentees and embodies the kind of character that is positive and enjoys helping people.

Peer Mentorships: In peer mentorships, new agents are paired with peers of the same experience level. For some, this is an effective way of encouraging collaboration, healthy competition and support, and may be a quicker way for each new agent to realize some commission revenue.

One-On-One Mentorships: The most popular model involves pairing an experienced agent with one new mentee. Even in this model, the mentor must have a coaching mindset and not consider it a burden. To really make this work, the parameters of the relationship really need to be set up clearly by you, the broker, as a win/win for both parties.

Tips for Success with Your Mentorship Programs

Unfortunately, you cannot “set and forget” a mentorship program within your brokerage and expect optimal results. Here are some ways that you can ensure you are setting your mentors and mentees up for success with their new relationships:

Match Personalities and Skill Sets: It is not enough to simply match your agents up by their personalities. You should also take into consideration professional strengths and weaknesses to ensure both parties get the most out of their work together.

Act As Middleman: Occasionally checking in to make sure that both sides are getting what they need from the relationship can help keep things on track. In some cases, complacency or unrest can creep in and checking in from time to time can uncover any underlying issues preventing progress.

Don’t Use Them As A Crutch: Mentorship relationships are not meant to be used to supplement poor performance or put the mentor in an overly dominant leadership position. This will only undermine you as their true leader.

At Weichert, our business coaches teach our franchisees how to leverage mentorship programs within their brokerage. And this is one way to support your new agents’ productivity as they enter the real world, smart brokers will provide additional training and coaching opportunities to ensure that the right practices are instilled. Weichert, for example, offers its Fast Track training to bring new agents up to speed on proven techniques and tools to help them be productive quickly. Its online University provides 24/7 online training on almost every real estate subject imaginable. Weekly webinars provide regular tips on trending topics and new tools. Plus, our service team is there to guide brokerage management on any questions they may have and our network of owners around the country are always very ready to share information on what has been successful in their companies.

For more information about the full suite of coaching and training programs and the support available through the Weichert system, visit our website at https://www.weichertfranchise.com  or call us at 877-567-3350.

Education Makes Them Agents, But Training Makes Them Productive

Weichert Franchise Training

Your agents have mastered the topics taught in the state’s licensing program. They understand the listing and selling process, property valuation, and closing the sale. They’ve passed the tests covering liens, leases, and real estate law. But now what? Becoming a productive real estate agent involves more than meeting educational requirements or managing clients and transactions. Learning doesn’t end once real estate school ends. The right training is needed to transform ‘real estate students’ into engaged, productive agents who are expert lead generators, effective networkers, and savvy marketers.

What Are the Ingredients for a Good Real Estate Training Program?

Real estate lead generation is one of the most challenging aspects of an agent’s role. The sink-or-swim approach of some real estate agent management models falls short of delivering the results your agents want or the results your brokerage needs for long-term success.

Instead, effective training programs for your brokerage will create success for agents by focusing on specific, relevant activities:

  • Marketing and getting new clients. Creative ideas, templates, and systems for reaching prospective clients—including how many and how often–will keep the sales pipeline full.
  • Local market trend information and insights. Understanding what’s fueling or stalling the market enables agents to offer clients better advice and position properties more favorably.
  • Teaching them to use technologies, platforms, and apps for managing data and information. A robust CRM tool for managing client interactions and access to support as needed helps agents maximize their efficiency through automation in available technologies.
  • Connecting agents with a library of resources they can access on-demand when challenges arise. While it’s important to be supportive of your agents, you can’t be there 24/7. Having somewhere to go for answers and guidance – scripts, tools, marketing – can be a load off your plate.

A Good Training Program Is a Retention Magnet For Your Brokerage

Ongoing training helps new agents enhance their skills and veteran agents stay at the top of their game. There’s always more to learn. Regardless of their experience level, agents want to align with a brokerage that helps them succeed by showing them how to apply their knowledge to real-world, real estate situations in ways that work.

Promoting the fact that your brokerage offers an ongoing training and coaching program will go a long way to helping you meet your recruiting goals. Your investment of time and resources to build their talents will increase agent engagement and their satisfaction with your brokerage. By creating an environment focused on growth and success, you’re more likely to retain your talented team of agents and attract new ones. Real estate agent retention is a growth strategy and ongoing training is an important element of your retention plan.

We recognize that real estate’s fast pace makes it challenging for independent brokers to find time to develop the tools and training needed to keep agents up-to-date. The ability to tap a “plug n play” network of proven processes and training is one of the most often-cited reasons that brokers enjoy affiliation with a real estate brand like Weichert.

The Right Training Leads to Agent Success

Weichert training programs provide practical instruction at every level on proven processes and systems that have lead many Weichert Franchisee’s to real estate success. Our brokerages have access to things such as:

  • New Agent Training. Live webinar curriculum for new agents, to get them up to speed and productive quickly.
  • Weekly Webinars. Live webinars on trending topics such as how to get listings, how to use social media effectively, and how to use various Weichert tools and technology.
  • Live Regional Training. Live instructor sessions for agents on mastering Weichert tools and systems, such as Listing Mastery and Buyer Mastery. For Managers, topics such as building company culture or implementing business change.
  • Video Content. Agents receive video tips and dialogues to help handle various sales scenarios.
  • Weichert University. An on-demand content library, available 24/7 with courses, presentations, templates, videos, and resources on topics such as open houses, phone prospecting, and conducting a listing appointment.

Don’t Forget to Invest In Yourself

A regular program of ongoing training for the agents in your brokerage is a boon to both productivity and retention. But what about you? Brokers deserve their own system of ongoing education and support and it takes a village to provide it. That’s why Weichert supports its brokers though so many different manager-level trainings, networking opportunities, and personal coaching sessions. Not to mention the benefit of a network of peers who are always willing to share their experiences with each other. Continuous training for agents and brokers? Yes, please. Training is the Weichert way.

Call us today at 877-567-3350 or contact our team to learn more about partnering with Weichert to take your brokerage to the next level.