Weichert Real Estate Affiliates, Inc. –  A Franchise System Built For You!

why franchise with Weichert FranchiseIf you’re a successful independent broker you’ve worked hard and long to get where you are. You know your local area – your neighborhoods, the local media and the best local contractors. Perhaps most importantly, you know the people in the community that you’ve helped, who they are, and all the relationships you’ve built over time.

The Weichert® System is built to give you the freedom to keep doing what you do best, while letting you plug into our powerful tools and systems to make you even better.

If you’ve always said “no” to a real estate franchise because you love your independence, but would love to offer more to your clients and your agents, take a look at the Weichert System. You may be surprised to find it’s a solution designed for you.

Less Guesswork, More Certainty. Having Proven Tools and Systems Can Be a Big Relief

why franchise with WeichertWhen you LISTEN to Weichert® franchisees tell their stories, you’ll hear a common thread. It’s a sense of relief and newfound certainty that they are making sound decisions for their businesses. Our solutions are clearly defined, but not complicated. You can feel good knowing our techniques have been used successfully by hundreds of Weichert branded offices across the country.

Most independent real estate brokers agree–there is never enough time and money to research and adopt best tools and practices when you’re going it alone.

Imagine having:

  • Access to experts and world class tools on day 1 of your affiliation.
  • The ability to consult with Weichert Management, Regional Real Estate Experts and hundreds of your peers around the country.
  • Leads that come to your agents so they can spend more time closing and less time finding them.
  • A world class real estate CRM system and other online tools you might never be able to afford on your own.

Weichert researches, vets and invests for its affiliates, so they don’t have to. The result is that as franchisee, you always have incomparable tools, training, and marketing techniques, so your business will stand apart from the competition.

Reasons to Consider a Real Estate Franchise
If you are an independent agency, why should you join a well-recognized national real estate franchise?

  1. Your growth has plateaued or is not happening fast enough. You need more leads, need more productive agents and better systems for managing it all.
  2. Changes in your market have threatened your ability to survive.
  3. You are losing out to other large branded agencies in your local market and could benefit from a proven real estate system and strong brand reputation.
  4. There is at least one aspect of your business that would benefit from proven processes, expert systems, training and coaching, tools or technology.
  5. As the broker/owner, you spend all your time selling with no time left to focus on growing and managing your agency.

While so many big brand real estate franchises do little more than offer you use of their name, the Weichert System is comprehensive. It was developed by a broker, for brokers, and it does the hard work of providing you the best solutions for the challenges your agency faces.

What Does the Weichert Real Estate Franchise System Provide?

Weichert Franchise real estate systemLeads For Your Agency
A key benefit of affiliation is the leads and listings that come in to your team. When you join us, the Weichert Lead Network™ immediately goes to work for you with our significant investments in SEM (Search Engine Marketing), our advanced call center to screen and deliver leads to you in minutes, and our lead management system (CRM) to keep it all moving forward.

Best-In-Class Resources
Staying up to date on technology and best practices when you’re running your own independent agency is challenging. When you are part of our franchise network, Weichert does the research and testing for you, offering incomparable tools, training, and real estate marketing techniques, so you’ll always stand apart from the competition.

A Plan You Can Follow
Guessing your way around sales goals, financial decisions, daily responsibilities, and staffing makes for a stressful workweek. We can show you a better way. The Weichert System has been working successfully for more than four decades. You can finally stop speculating and start achieving successes that reflect the time and effort you put in.

A Support System
From the moment you meet our leadership team and your fellow franchisees, you’ll feel a sense of support and common purpose. Our corporate team possesses a deep knowledge of real estate industry challenges and loves sharing their expertise. Fellow franchisees are always willing to share their own real estate success stories and insights. These are valuable connections you’ve been missing by navigating alone.

The Opportunity To Leave A Legacy
Whether it’s passing your business onto future generations or building an asset, your hard work should help you meet the goals that matter most to you. Many Weichert franchisees have built thriving family businesses, confident in what the future will bring. We call it “having a business worth owning.”

The Weichert System doesn’t restrict your independent style, it enhances it.

Take a step toward more confidence in your future.
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