The Weichert Real Estate Franchise System

real estate franchiseIf you are an independent broker who is struggling to grow then the Weichert® Franchise System may be the solution for you.

The Weichert Real Estate Franchise system is not like other franchises. It is a system built by brokers, for brokers. It is for brokers not afraid to work hard, who can follow a carefully detailed and supported plan of action. If you have discipline and basic management skills, your path to a new level of success will be mapped out for you.

The Common Problems of Brokerage Growth and Management

Today’s brokers are getting squeezed at every turn. Trying to survive is an almost daily struggle. It’s no wonder so many are out selling and listing properties themselves when they should be recruiting, retaining, building relationships, and working on their business, not in it. Do any of these issues sound familiar to your brokerage?

  • Difficulty attracting and retaining good agents?
  • Difficulty maintaining a lead funnel that keeps all your agents busy?
  • A lack of buyers/sellers coming through your offices?
  • Difficulty getting more production from your associates?
  • Difficulty maintaining proper touch points through the sales cycle?
  • Difficulty supplying your agents with the resources they need?
  • An endless cycle of broker-required selling that keeps you from paying attention to growing and managing your business?
  • Trouble understanding the best use of technology to manage your business?
  • Trouble using modern digital and traditional marketing strategies to differentiate your team, your listings, your local brand?

These are just some of the problems the Weichert System helps solve with the most comprehensive training, tools, and support system in real estate franchise today.

Why is the Weichert Franchise System Different?

real-estate-franchise-systemThe Weichert team has developed a real estate agency growth system and technology infrastructure over a 47+ year period and its success has been duplicated in agencies both large and small in every area of the country. From a small independent broker in Chatham NJ, Jim built and developed a system that encompasses hundreds of offices and created a top 5 real estate brokerage brand in the USA. But the real magic is how the Weichert team has adopted this into a formula for independent agency success that offers real results, not just a brand on a sign.

There are four ways the Weichert System differentiates itself from other real estate franchise companies.

  1. Lead Generation – Over time, Weichert has built one of the most sophisticated national lead collection and screening technologies in the real estate industry. Weichert invests millions of dollars each year to bring as many opportunities as possible to your local doorstep. LEARN MORE.
  2. A Formula for Growth – The training you will receive in the Weichert System gives you an organized set of tools and activities to complement your independent style and respect what you’ve already built in your local market. LEARN MORE.
  3. Technology – In addition to technology that supports our lead generation network, Weichert technology packages all of those things that you need or never thought you’d have so you don’t have to, such as:
    • Intranet for your team
    • Proprietary real estate CRM
    • Online marketing resource center
    • Automated prospecting and social media platform
    • Press release support
    • A system for lead and listing management
    • 24/7 access to training and tools that help you market and manage your leads and your business LEARN MORE.
  4. Support – The Weichert support network includes corporate real estate experts, trainers, IT and technology experts and collaboration with other franchisees that provide you with ongoing guidance and personal support that keeps you moving forward through good times and bad. LEARN MORE.

Franchise Systems and Tools That Work With You

With over 47 years of success, the Weichert Real Estate Franchise System is a proven leader and recognized brand in the national market. You don’t have to take our word for it, just see what our franchisees have to say. We have unique marketing support and management systems in place and immediately available to you when you join. Our system works for your real estate business in the most efficient way possible.

We want you to be in business for the long haul and the Weichert Franchise System can enable you to do just that.

Contact us today to see if a Weichert Franchise is a fit for your brokerage.